Let's do it


14. My day

I woke up on the Sunday morning, when Simon was standing on the floor naked. He held the phone to his ear and I realized he was talking to Simon. I sat up and saw that Simon was adamant. 
"Now calm down yourself, you fucking little shit." exclaimed Simon, and seemed angry. "I can damn make sure you don't get a single business to run and I can see that you will be banished from the city." 
I don't know if I changed my mind or if it was because Niall was angry. I felt small and I took the blanket around my body. Simon continued to yell into the phone and he seemed not to understand why Niall was angry. 
"I'm sure you're going to hell!" he said with icy voice and hung up. I just stared at him and I didn't dare to say anything. Simon put away the phone and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard he turned on the shower, then he stuck out his head out the door and smiled at me. 
"Come and take a shower with me."


I slept all morning by the pool. I had a bikini and I chose to go from my mind, everything that had to do with Niall. I was just a thing and they didn't look at me like I was a human. I enjoyed it anyway and felt how my body got the colour from the sun. Simon was inside the house all morning and talked on the phone. I knew it had with Niall to do, but I couldn't hear what was going to happen.


"I'll go for a ride." cried Simon right as it was. I looked up and met his gaze. 
"Should I go with you?" 
He smiled and raised his eyebrows. 
"No, sweetheart. You can stay here and enjoy. You need it." 
I giggled lightly and he vanished away. I watched as his bodyguards came with him to the door and I knew that Simon was extra careful when he left the house. I lay down again and continued to enjoy.


Simon came home just in time when I was starting to be hungry. He made sure that the staff arranged for food and then he got a bathrobe to me. 
"How has it been?" he said cheerfully, and I stood up. He made ​​sure I got the bathrobe around the body. 
"Good!" I got out of me. "And you?" 
He did not answer but pulled me into the house. We went into a room with a dining table and I saw how the staff began to set the table up plates and all that was needed. 
"Are you hungry?" 
I nodded and smiled at him. Simon pulled out the chair for me and I sat down. The food came in, and Simon sat on the other side of the table. The food tasted great and I ate until my stomach was full of food. Simon laughed at me and seemed to like to see me enjoy.

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