Let's do it


5. Move in

I woke in the morning of that they were talking rather loudly to each other in the kitchen. I sat up and realized what had happened. It was with trembling legs as I showered and put on my dress. When I came out of the kitchen all fell silent and I saw that they had a fight. Niall smiled and came straight up to me. He was just wearing pants and his upper body was naked. I smiled and I accepted the hug he gave me. 
"Hello, sweetheart." he muttered and then looked at the others. "So today I'm busy." 
I saw that Louis snorted. 
"So she'll stay here?" 
Niall gave him a cold stare. 
"I have a girlfriend now and you actually get to live with it. You are so damn selfish and you think she'll fool me?"
I was startled and looked at them all. 
"Fool Niall?" 
Zayn nodded a little bit. 
"All the girls that he had tricked him and what is the difference with you from the others?" 
I swallowed. 
"I don't fool anyone." 
Niall held his arms around my body and he kissed me quickly on the cheek. 
"Don't listen to them. I'm in charge here and I trust you."


I was surprised when Niall arranged with a moving truck and he took with us a couple of strong guys, to helped us. As soon as we arrived at my apartment, he looked at everything and then looked at me. 
"I have a storage room where we set up the furniture. All your clothes and jewellery and such stuff are going to my place." 
I didn't know if I should smile or not. Right as it was my landlord came and stuck his head through the door. 
"What is happening here? Nobody told me that she  are going to move?" 

Niall smiled at him and took out a banknote bundle. He gave them to my landlord and smiled. 
"She moves and you he sublet the apartment to someone else."


"Why did you give him money?" I got out of me. Niall smiled and looked at me with an amused look. 
"Rule number one. You must pay more than you need. Then buy other people's silence." 
I frowned. 
"So you mean that my landlord is dangerous?" 
Niall laughed and shook his head. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me quickly. 
"Honey, I'm paying to avoid trouble. All that matters is that you will come to my apartment and stay there." 
I smiled. 


I must admit I wasn't impressed by Nialls bunch. Louis sat on the couch and was playing video games. Harry sat in a corner and made ​​out with a girl. Liam talked constantly on the phone and wrote down a lot of things in a book. Zayn seemed to just chill out.


"Don't you ever do anything?"
Niall pulled me into his bedroom and closed the door.
"Yes we do, but we lay low right now. We have the cops after us and it means we have to take it easy." He twisted around and looked at me. "Take off your clothes!"
I was flabbergasted and blushed. Niall laughed a little bit and came up to me. He pulled off my dress and made ​​sure I took off my shoes.
"I love that you never have underwear on you." he muttered, looking down at my body. "It's easier to touch your body."
He backed me against the bed and had me lay down on the mattress. Then he picked up a cigarette, lit it and blew out the smoke. 
"How long have you been working as a whore?" 
I swallowed. It wasn't a fun topic to talk about, but I understood that he wondered. 
"Two years." 
Niall smiled and I saw how he was watching my naked skin. 
"You are well preserved?" 
I blushed again. 
"I haven't taken drugs and tried to be healthy." 
He turned off the smokes and slowly began to undress. He threw them in a pile on the floor and then lay down beside me in bed. 
"So you're a healthy girl?"
I nodded and watched as Niall leaned over my body. I felt his lips brush against my nipples and I groaned. His hand slid down between my legs and he started to fondle me. I felt he almost sucked on my one nipple and I took my hands over his head. Niall groaned and I spread my legs for him. A finger penetrated and I felt how he reached my g-spot. I whined and shook. Niall raised his head and smiled at me. 
"I like your pussy." he whispered. "You're so fucking hot in there and you are wet."
I didn't answer, I enjoyed that he really wanted to make it good for me. I whimpered and I moved on my hips up against his hand. Niall liked what he saw and let a finger to penetrate.
"Show how much you love it." he mumbled. I closed my eyes and tried to move faster towards his hand. Niall groaned and he put his fingers rapidly against my g-spot. I moaned and I groaned. I felt my whole body reached the top of the mountain quickly. I moaned louder and I forgot where I was. It felt as if all of me disappeared and only the feelings existed. I moved on my hips up and down, his hand made ​​me shake and finally I came. I screamed almost straight out and then fell up against the mattress.


"Blow me!" Niall mumbled and lay down on his back. I gulped and looked at him. He smiled and pointed down towards his member. "Come on and suck it!" 
I obeyed him. I hated to do it, but I knew he wanted me to do it. I let his dick slide in between my lips and it was not long before Niall started to moan. He whimpered and he showed with the whole body that he enjoyed. I sucked him faster and I made him nearly scream. When Niall came, he ripped away my head and he made ​​sure he didn't come in my face.


"I love sex!" he mumbled afterwards. "I love money and I love power. It's my life and that's all that I live for." 
I lay next to him and looked down at his body. He had tattoos on his arms, chest and I knew that he also had on his back. He was such a guy that created respect just by showing up. I noted that his bleached hair was often unkempt, yet he looked so perfect.

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