Let's do it


4. More....

Niall came back to me. He closed the door and I saw that he had a cigarette in his hand. He lit it and then looked at me. He smiled with his whole face and came over to me. His body was still a little sweaty, but he seemed to have settled down. He held out the smokes to me and I took it. I knew it was more than tobacco in it, anyway, I took a puff and gave it back. Niall smiled and he looked down over my body. 
"You're not going to sell yourself to other guys." he mumbled and took another puff of his cigarette. "Do you desire to earn quick money and a lot more than what you are right now?"
I sat up and thought. I knew he was a criminal and therefore, I was nervous that he wanted me to rob a bank or two. Niall laughed a little bit and sat on the edge of the bed. 
"I mean nothing dangerous. We need a girl in the gang and I promise to protect you." 
I swallowed and was still unsure. 
"What do you want me to do?" 
Niall smiled and he put the smokes in an ashtray. 
"You'll be here for me." He then looked at me. "And when I need you, you must do as I tell you. I promise that you will get money and I promise that you can stay with us." 
I swallowed. 
"And the others in your gang?"
He leaned forward and gave me a light kiss. 
"I'm in charge, so who cares?" 
I hesitated and he laughed immediately. 
"Okay sweetheart. They want you to be with us."
I knew how you would be to make lots of money. I knew you wouldn't say yes right away. 
"So how much money are we talking about?" 
Niall looked into my eyes and he smiled awry. 
"How much do you want?" 
"A lot!" 
He kissed me again and pushed me against the mattress. 
"Then we say that, you will get filthy lot of money."
I grinned and felt how he laid on top of me. I felt our bodies got together and it was something that told me that I would say yes. 
"Okay then!" 
Niall cheered and kissed me hard. I was surprised when he got boner and penetrated. Niall kissed me and then looked straight into my eyes. 
"Tomorrow we'll collect your things and then you live, here with me." 
I groaned and felt how he penetrated all the way. I spread my legs and nodded at him. Niall took his arms under my head and continued to look straight into my eyes. I felt how he once again began to work with his body and I felt him fill me. 
"You're mine now!" he murmured, as if it was something good. "I'll fucking make sure you get the life you deserve."
He worked quickly with his hip and he bounced against my body. I whimpered, but only because he worked so quickly. Niall smiled and let a hand slide down between us. His fingers reached my clit and he started stroking me. I whimpered and closed my eyes. I felt my whole body started to work and he made me groan out loud. 
"Come on, sweetheart." he mumbled. "You should come."
I felt I lost control of everything. I didn't know if I should lie down or move. It was a wonderful tingling sensation that popped up. I moaned loudly and I was breathing rapidly. 
"So what's your name?" he asked and put his fingers faster over my clit. 
"Nelly!" I whimpered. "Nelly Sanders." 
Niall groaned loudly and he made me shake. My whole body was in his hand and I ended up somewhere between heaven and hell. In the end it was as if I just ran over. I screamed and pressed me against his body. Niall groaned loudly and he moved quickly towards me. I felt how he pushed his cock inside me and I felt my muscles cramped around his dick. 
"Damn!" I shouted right out and then petered everything out. Niall groaned and continued to move on the hip. He moaned over me and he arrived to the end shortly after me.


"You're my girlfriend now!" Niall murmured in my ear. "You belong to me and you're mine, all mine!" 
I nodded and swallowed. Our bodies were close together and I felt we sweated. 
Niall smiled and kissed me on the cheek. 
"Tomorrow we'll go through the details, but you are mine. Just to let you know about it!"

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