Let's do it


30. last Night

One night it happened. Andy lay near me and I felt that he pulled off my nightgown. His lips found their way across my chest and I felt his tongue played with my nipples. I was close to pulling me away, but he smiled at me. 
"Please, I just want to feel you." 
He looked into my eyes and let his hand slide down between my legs. I moaned and spread my legs. His tongue slid back against my nipples and he made me moan silently. I felt that he really wanted to prove that he had learned something and without a word he undressed naked too. Andy made ​​me moan louder and I didn't even notice when he laid on top of me. He penetrated and he groaned loudly against my cheek. He was like a perfect lover and he knew what he would do. We spun around and I ended up on top of him. I started to ride and he grabbed my hips. I felt we increased the pace and I bounced against his body. I closed my eyes and just followed. I took a hand at each side of his head and felt the whole I was shaking. He moved on his hip up to me and took me in when I glanced down. I swallowed and tried not to scream or sound too much.


I rode him fast and I felt how he took a tighter hold on me. 
"Just a little ..." he mumbled. "Just a little longer ..." 
I felt when he arrived, when he come. He filled me and he screamed almost straight out. His hands held me tight and he pressed his penis into me.


As soon as he had settled down, he forced me to move my way up. I sat with my pussy against his face and he began to lick and suck me. I was surprised and looked down at his face. I saw that he really knew what he was doing and it didn't take much for me until I ride even his face. I moaned and I felt his tongue was like a hurricane. I shook and whimpered. In the end it was as if the whole world started to spin around. I felt he almost penetrated with his tongue and I felt how he sucked on my clit. I rode up and down and I came. I took my hands around his head and pushed him up against me.


Andy quickly disappeared into the bathroom and washed himself. He showered and then came out to me with a smile. 
"Damn, thank you!" 
I swallowed. 
"We wouldn't have sex?" 
He smiled and didn't care. 
"We can say that we just played a little with each other?" 
I changed my mind, but at the same time I felt that he had mastered over my body. 
"Tomorrow we are in London." he got out and looked at me. "That was why I went all the way." 
"We're at home tomorrow?" 
Andy smiled and looked at me. 
"Yes, and I must admit I will miss you."

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