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27. Jupiter

I woke up when it was dark around me. I saw only a few cars that drove past and some people who seemed to have tasted to much alcohol. I stood up and went in to the phone again. I put in some coins and rang Harry's number again. To my great surprise, I heard Nialls voice. 
"Where are you?" he got out himself and I heard that he was sorry. 
"In Miami ..." 
Niall sighed. 
"What the hell are you doing there." he repented. "Don't answer, I know Liam and Simon took you., I saw the videos on the net." 
I started to cry. 
"Please help me!" 
Niall sighed. 
"I'll see what I can do, but I no longer have any money." 
I just wanted to die. 
"Please Niall take me away before I disappear completely in their power."
He also sniffed. 
"Yes, I will!" 
I swallowed. 
"I ran away and I'm in Miami all alone." 
He stopped quickly and then he seemed more cheerful. 
"So you are no longer with them?" 
I shook my head. 
"No, I escaped!" 
"OK, honey!" he got out. "I'll call around a bit and I'll see if I can get someone to get you out of there. Remain where you are and call back in six hours." 
"I don't got a watch!" 
Niall gulped and was still happy. 
"It's night in Miami?" 
I nodded. 
"Call me when the sun comes up!"


I sat outside the booth again and this time I kept both thumbs. Maybe that Niall could still get someone to help me. I hoped for the best and I felt that hope came back.


Some police cars drove past me, but they didn't notice me. I assumed I wasn't visible in the shade and I was grateful that no one noticed me. I saw cars driving by and I heard people laughing. Something told me that Liam wasn't looking, but I wasn't sure.


I dozed off and I slept in installments. It was cold, but I managed to keep the heat in my body. Slowly, I watched as the sun began to go up and when I saw half of the sun over the water, I called. 


"You have to be careful." Niall said. "Liam has already called Harry and Zayn. He's pissed and he's after you." 
I smiled. 
"I put on other clothing. I'm not wearing the usual." 
Niall laughed. 
"You are like a secret agent?" 
I nodded and smiled. Niall laughed a little bit and then continued. 
"You must take yourself back to the port and look for a boat called Jupiter. Andy works there and he has promised to make sure that you come with the boat. He doesn't know who you are." 
I nodded. 
"And when I come home?" 
Niall didn't hesitate. 
"Then I'm here waiting for you!"


Before I went down to the harbour, I coloured my hair. I found a worn toilet and I did so that my old hair colour completely disappeared. I put on my hat and made ​​sure I was unrecognisable again. 


In the harbour there were many people and everyone seemed to be in a hurry. I found Jupiter and directly, I tried to get on board. 
"I'm looking for Andy?" I got out of me. The old man nodded a little bit. 
"He's probably in his cabin." 
I swallowed. 
"And where's his cabin?" 
The old man pointed to a door. 
"Go through the hallway and his name is on the door. We have no numbers on the doors, but we are attaching our names."


I must admit I was nervous. I walked through the hallway and in the end I found a door with Andy on. I knocked on the door and a guy came and opened. He looked at me from the bottom up. He wasn't impressed. 
"Nialls friend?" 
I nodded. 
"He said I would get help to come home?" 
Andy peeked out the door and looked at both ways down the hall. Then he let me in. 
"And no one followed you?" 
I shook my head. He puffed out and smiled weakly. 
"I can only offer you my room. You get to stay here until we arrive and I smuggle food for you." 
I nodded and sat down on one of the chairs. He noted that my stomach growling. 
I nodded uncertainly. Andy walked over to a drawer and took out soda and some chips. 
"You'll have to settle with this for now."

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