Let's do it


1. Introduction

I don't know what had happened to my life, but I had no control over anything. I ran away from home, I ended up on the street, I sold my body just to get money to food and in the midst of all the mess I met him. He wasn't a hero, he wasn't a nice guy, but he saved me in a way that only I could be saved.


Niall Horan was the leader of the gang as police searched for. They had no name and they didn't want to directly become famous, but everyone knew who they were. Niall was tough, the one who never backed down and he refused to give up. His gang had been together a few years. Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. They had worked in the same direction, hovering outside the laws. They were criminals, they were dangerous and they didn't back for the kill.


The first time I saw Niall, I stood and waited for customers. I had a short dress on and I showed more than I should. I waited for a car to stop, that a man would tell me what he wanted me to do. Then it was just to follow along and get the money.


Niall walked past me and I saw the looks he gave my legs. He looked down at them and I saw that he liked my skinny legs. I smiled at him, he smiled back and then he went on. Wilma came straight up to me and giggled lightly. 
"Niall!" she said and made me flinch. "He's dangerous and he's the only one who can win my heart." 
I looked at her in surprise, but Wilma knew everything about Niall and his gang. 
"They mug shops, banks and they sell drugs down at the bridge. He's so fucking hot!" 
I turned my eyes towards Nialls direction and saw him stop outside a door. Before he knocked on the door, he gave me a long look. I blushed and I felt like a princess. Normally all looked down at me, but Niall looked at me like a normal person and I felt it throughout the body.
"I like his eyes!" I whispered. Little did I know that those eyes would affect my life and little did I know that he would take with me on a roller-coaster that I hadn't dreamed about.





I will use bad words, dirty words and I will not hold back.


If you are young and don't like the raw stuff, don't read ... 
You used: Hello! *smile*

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