Let's do it


21. I was fooled

I saw palm trees, I saw the sea and a marvellous beach. We landed on an island where there were only a few houses. Simon smiled with satisfaction to me. 
"Here's all the money that I own. On the island lives you and I and the people who work for me." 
I swallowed. 
"No clothes shops?" 
He laughed. 
"Well, we have a boat that can take us to a bigger town. You can get anything you want." 
I had no idea if I would be happy or not. I noted that Simon took up the bags and he smiled at me. 
"I asked Liam to buy clothes for you and I have so that you'll be fine."


The house was as large as the others that Simon possessed. There was a pool on the yard. I saw that the house had everything and a lot of bedrooms. 
"But just we here?" 
Simon smiled. 
"Liam might come here. He works for me now and has promised to take care of everything for me." 
I spun around and stared at him. 
"And what is it that you need me for?" 
Simon walked up to me and I saw how he stared down at my body. 
"You are ours, Liam's and mine." 
I shook my head. 
"Liam promised me a life without a lot of coercion and sex?"
Simon raised his eyebrows and looked straight in my eyes. 
"Little Darling! You think we will let you go? We can't keep us away and you are now ours. We have big plans for you." 
I swallowed. 
"And if I say no?" 
He let his hand caressing my dress over my breasts. 
"Let's say you and Liam becomes perfect in the movies." 
"What movie?" 
Simon pulled down the strap and made sure that one of my breasts became visible. 
"Such as adult men love to watch and jerk off to."
I felt betrayed. Simon let his hand caress my chest and he looked down at my body. 
"You will get well paid, I will give you everything." 
I wanted to cry. 
"I say no!" I got out of me and struck his hand away. "I don't want to do it." 
Simon stabbed directly hold of my arm and looked coldly at me. 
"YOU should be damn glad that we didn't leave you behind with Niall. You had rotted and no one had remembered who you were. I will make you to become a big star and you will be rich." 
I felt the tears pushed. 
"But I don't want ..." 
He ripped my dress and pushed me up against him. 
"You'll always so damn difficult. All I ask is that you fuck, we get to film it and then you get money."
He pushed me down on the couch and pulled down his own pants. Without a word, he got off my panties and penetrated. I wanted to scream, but he didn't give up. He started pushing all the way inside and I felt his body all over me. He thrust hard in and out of me. It was as if he had lost all the snaps and he did what he wanted. Simon came quickly, he groaned and he shook. When he finished, he stood up and pulled up his pants. 
"We own you!"


I cried and I realized I was hooked. Liam had lied to me and Simon weren't looking to be normal to me. I found a bedroom and chose to go to bed. I didn't care that I was naked. I couldn't still bother.

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