Let's do it


15. I want out

I was upstairs in the bedroom and had taking a shower. Simon had arranged with new clothes and I stood and chose dress. I happened to look out the window and right away I saw Nialls car and himself. He stood outside Simon's yard and he looked toward the house. I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. The guards seemed to try to get him to leave the place, but he didn't give up. I put on underwear, a dress and shoes, then I went down to the door. I was about to open the front door, when Simon showed up. 
"You can't go out to him." he said and sounded almost cold in his voice. I spun around and met his gaze. 
"He wont leave the gate if I don't go out." 
Simon smiled and came up to me. He took me in his arms and gave me a light kiss. 
"Darling, you shouldn't have to be such idiots more. I told you that you are with me now and he has nothing to do with us."
I gulped and saw at him that he was serious. The problem was that I had actually thought about Niall. Okay maybe he didn't have a nice home and that he had odd ideas, but he was no fool.


Simon chose to have the front door locked. He made ​​sure I didn't go to the gate and I heard that he spoke to the guards and bodyguards about it. I realized that I was almost in a prison.


At the evening we sat on the couch and Simon chose a movie. He sat near me and had his arm around my shoulder. I felt small and I wanted to talk to Niall again. Yet I didn't dare say anything. Simon seemed to be determined against me and he seemed to have more power than Niall, which made ​​me less strong against him. He sat and looked at the TV and right as it was, I felt hand hand against my thigh. He pulled up the dress, so that he could come under with his hand. 
"You make me so horny." he murmured, and I felt almost disgusted. I regretted that I had been with him and I regretted that I stayed on. He let his hand slide in between my legs and he stroked me outside of the pants. I spread my legs, because that was what he wanted. I swallowed and tried not to show my resentment against him. It was not long before his hand slid inside my panties and I felt him perfectly put his hand down over the area. I groaned and directly Simon smiled big. 
"Just relax sweetheart." 
I spread my legs more and felt two fingers penetrated. I felt that I was wet and I felt that he took control of me. I moaned a little louder and moved my hips against his hand. Simon liked it and leaned against me. He let our lips met and he kissed me.I wanted to resist, but I couldn't. He pulled down my panties and continued to caress me. He let his tongue slip in between my lips and it was almost like a fight between us. He knew what he would do and he got me to stop thinking.


Simon dropped me down on the sofa, so I ended up at my back. He parted my legs and his hand continued to caress me. With the other hand he fondled me across the stomach and up towards my breasts. I couldn't lie still and I whimpered. Simon just smiled and I saw that he loved to see me. His eyes slid over my body and he pulled up the dress so that he looked at more naked skin. I lifted my hips up and immediately he let his face fall between my legs. He had two fingers inside me and he licked me all over the area. I felt his fingers went in and out. His tongue was perfect, and finally I couldn't hold back. I screamed almost straight out when I come and I pressed myself against him.


Simon went directly to the bathroom and washed himself. When he came back, I had calmed down and I felt my whole body was tired. He laughed a little bit and pulled down his pants. He had boner and he sat down on the couch. He forced me to be seated and brought down my face against his dick. I understood what he wanted me to do and I did it. I took in hand member in my mouth and was also using my hand, I got him to groan loudly. I sucked and I let him slip in and out of my mouth. I was disgusted, but I did it.


Afterwards, he just sat and enjoyed. I saw that he was tired and he was satisfied.


Late at night Niall stood still at the gate. Simon was asleep and I was trying to figure out where the guards were. Had they given up and let Niall be alone? I swallowed and left the bedroom. I had a nightdress on me and was barefoot. I could inconspicuously take me down and I went up to the door. It was alarmed! I chose to go to the patio door and noted that it also was armed. Talk about that Simon had an eye on everything. I slowly walked around looking for a window that I could get through. In the end, I came into the bathroom and noticed that the window had not alarm. I smiled and opened it. I went through and leapt out on the lawn. Without a word, I ran across the yard toward the gate. Niall saw me but he didn't scream, he lit up like the sun. When I reached the gate, he took direct his hands through the bars and grabbed my hands. 
I smiled. 
He looked at me for long and then looked toward the house. 
"I don't know how to open the gate." 
I looked up and wondered if I could climb over it, but it was too high. 
"Do you want to stay here?" Niall continued to ask. I met direct his gaze and shook my head. 
"It's a prison, and he set me up."
Niall puffed out and he looked relieved. 
"I thought you wanted Simon and I just wanted to come here to hear you talk about it with me, on your own." 
I giggled. 
"No Niall, I don't want the old man!"

Right as it was, it started squawking all over the yard. The alarm started and I panicked. I looked toward the house and noticed that the guards came out of the house. They ran directly towards my direction. 
"Climb over." got Niall out. I looked up and swallowed. 
"But .." 
Niall looked beseechingly at me. 
"Just do it, honey." 
I obeyed and started to take me up to the gate.


One of the guards got his hands around my leg and he didn't let go. I kicked and I did everything to get loose. 
"Let her go!" shouted Niall and he tried to get through the gate, but he didn't succeed. I panicked. 
"Hold her!" shouted Simon. He came out of the house and he came towards us at high speed. "Let her not go and kill that fucking idiot." 
I looked at Niall and I saw that he was scared. He backed off when the guard pulled out a gun and immediately I let go of the gate. I fell straight down over him and he had no chance to aim for Niall. 
"Run!" I shouted and lifted my gaze. Niall obeyed me and I saw him leave the area.

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