Let's do it


26. Getting away

Liam talked to Jeff about the things we got. I took the opportunity to use the toilet. I locked the door and looked around. I discovered a window and immediately I realized that this was my chance. I had pain between my legs, but I didn't care. I stood on the toilet seat and opened the window. It was so large that I could get out through the hole. I smiled when I felt how I slid down on the grass outside and without thinking, I ran away.


It took me a while to locate where I was. I realized I was in Florida and I was in Miami. I was almost surprised and actually I was happy. Why not? Miami was almost better than anything else?


I had no passport, I had some money in my purse, but I was happy. I took me quickly away from the port and the area that Liam was on. I searched myself forward and caught sight of a tourist business. Inside were clothes that I normally hadn't taken on me. I did the right thing. I walked into the room and began to pick up pants, shirts and all that could change my appearance. I even found a can of hair color. Okay I didn't want to be black-haired, but it was better than nothing. 
"Do you have a toilet?" I asked the clerk when I had paid for everything. She smiled and pointed to a door. 
I took the bags and ran into the bathroom. I changed my clothes and I did so that a cap covering my hair. I looked more like a boy and I made ​​sure the baggy sweater concealed my body shapes.


For the first time in years I felt safe. I made ​​sure no one saw that I was a girl and I found even sunglasses, which made my face become less attractive. I enjoyed the moment and no one seemed to notice me.


I realized that I had to plan how I would get home. I realized that I couldn't take flight or even a boat that would take off to England. I knew that Simon had contacts everywhere and I knew that he probably would look for me.


I found an old phone booth and realized that I could always try to contact someone at home. The only thing I had in my head was Niall. I went into the narrow space and put pennies in the machine. I pushed the number and took the handset to my ear. Directly I heard a tone and a voice. 
"You can't reach this number. Please try again!" 
(In Sweden we get such messages when it's a wrong number or if the number doesn't exist)
I chose a different tactic. I chose to call Harry and I heard that the signal went up.
"Hey, I can't answer right now, but leave a message after the beep!" 
I swallowed. 
"Hey it's me. I want contact with Niall and I need help. I'm in Miami and can't get home from here. Please Harry! Reply the next time I call."

All day I sat outside the booth and let time pass. I knew he would answer at some point or maybe he called back. I had heard that you could call a payphone, but I wasn't sure.


I leaned against the wall and slowly I began to fall asleep. I felt that I was tired and the hunger couldn't keep me awake, but it was nice not to have to think more and slowly dream away.

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