Let's do it


18. Gaining profits

A few days later, Liam come home to Nialls apartment. 
"I did it!" he said and took out the evidence on the table. Then he looked at me and smiled with his whole face. "You're mine for a night!" 
Niall peered down at the photos, and he seemed satisfied. He made ​​some calls and then smiled towards Liam. 
"I keep my promises. You can take her!"


I ended up in a fog. Liam took me away from the apartment and he drove the car to a motel. I just wanted to throw up and I realized that I couldn't turn back. 
"Take it easy!" he whispered and smiled at me. "You will never forget this night."


As soon as we entered the room, he began to strip naked. I was breathless when I saw how big his dick really was. I sat on the bed and had no idea it was a joke or serious. 
"Take off your clothes!" Liam mumbled and picked up the lube and condoms. "You can't have clothes on?" 
I hesitated, but I obeyed him. He then came over to the bed and looked down at my body. 
"Lie down on the bed."
I obeyed him. Liam sat down next to me and I saw how he took a condom over his member. It stood straight out and I swallowed. Liam saw my reaction and laughed a little bit.
"You wont to go back to Niall after this night."
I tried not to listen. He let a hand slide over my breasts, down to my stomach and down between my legs. Liam forced me to spread my legs and he stroked me gently. I was wet and I was surprised that he made ​​me groan.
"Come on, baby!" he mumbled and looked at me. "You have to be horny and wet if I'll be able to take you."
I spread my legs and swallowed. He let his fingers penetrate and he made me lift on my hip. Liam was happy. He sat down under me and looked over my body.
"Damn, I've wanted you for so long now."
He then took his member in his hand and penetrate slowly. I whimpered and I felt how he filled my holes. He penetrated all the way and I felt his dick reached the end of my hole. Liam moaned and he took a firm grip on my hip. He held up my lower part, and slowly he began to move on his body. I closed my eyes and I whimpered. I had never felt such a big thing in me before and it was something extraordinary. I felt him slowly increased the pace and I felt how he filled me again and again. 
"You are narrow?" Liam mumbled and I think it was meant as something good. He moved faster on the hip and in the end he bounced hard against me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and he kept a firm grip around my thighs. I heard how wet I was and I could hear his skin bounced against my skin.


Liam had to squeeze out of me. He sat down on the bed and was breathing rapidly. I looked at him in surprise and he lit up like the sun. 
"I don't want to come yet. I want to enjoy your body and me inside you for a while." 
I swallowed and felt how empty I was without his cock. It was like he left me empty. Liam smiled and he forced me up on his lap. He made ​​sure I landed over his cock again and slowly I slid down over it. He was hard under my body and forced me to take my legs around his waist. Then he lifted me up and walked over to the wall. I felt his hands held me up and he had my back landing against the wall. Then he began rapidly to pound into me. He pounded me hard against the wall and he increased the pace all the time. I moaned and I groaned. I took my arms around his shoulders and tried to keep his pace, but he decided everything.
"Damn can't you be quiet?" we heard the neighbors complain. Liam smiled and he continued. 
"We only fuck!" he yelled back and I saw his whole body started to get red and sweaty. He made me not think about our neighbour and I groaned higher. Liam was shaking all over and he looked down between my legs. He seemed to like to see how hard he took me and he moaned just by the sight. I closed my eyes and let my hand slide down between my legs. I began to stroke myself and I heard that Liam liked it. 
"Come on baby!" he whimpered out straight. "Let your fingers make you scream." 
I didn't listen and I ended up in a fog. Eventually I came and I was shaking all over. I didn't hear me screaming and I didn't hear that Liam also came. He pushed himself hard into me and pushed me hard against the wall. We shook and eventually calmed us down us.


We landed on the floor and I was lying and just snatched by air. Liam laughed and lay down beside me. 
"Admit that you love me." 
I gave him a cold stare. 
"I belong to Niall and not you." 
Liam didn't care. 
"I will do more with you this night. This is just the beginning." 

I just wanted to pass out or vanish away.


We showered and then there was a knock on the door. Liam wasn't ashamed, he was walking naked and opened the door. I heard that a man cleared his throat and seemed embarrassed to see Liam naked. 
"Sorry but your neighbour complain that you sound a lot?" 
Liam snorted. 
"Yes, you do that when you have sex?" 
"But can't you be a little quieter?" 
Liam took up a banknote bundle out of the jacket and gave over to the man. 
"Make sure they switch rooms and that no new get there. Tomorrow's all over, and we leave the motel." 
"Okay then!"


I sighed as he closed the door. 
"You think you can buy anything?" 
Liam nodded and looked at me. 
"Everything has a price and you can make people forget if they get some money. Life is simple if you utilize the system."
I sighed again and swallowed. 
"It's the only thing I don't like. Fact that you think you own the streets and the world." 
Liam laughed. 
"No, we don't own anything but we control it."

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