Let's do it


23. first movie

Our first movie was recorded. It was evening and Liam was horny. I saw how it pushed in his pants and he pulled me into the room. I noted that the cameras were running and I understood what it all was about. Liam dropped me on the bed and sat between my legs. I felt small and I just wanted to scream out straight. He pulled my panties off and let one hand caress me down between my legs. He leaned over me and started kissing me. I didn't know if I would give in or try to be cool. Still, he got me to like it. He had two fingers penetrate and directly I lifted on my hip against him. With his other hand, he pulled off my robe and then my bra. I saw how his fingers took care of the whole area and he smiled contentedly. I obeyed him and watched as his head disappeared down between my legs. I forgot about the cameras and took my hands tightly over his head. I felt his tongue played with me and that he penetrated easily into me with it. I moaned louder and moaned in pleasure. Liam stripped naked, but he didn't let my sensitive area off. Finally I was near the end and I moved rapidly up and down. Liam let me completely off and smiled at me. He let his hand slide over his cock and I watched as it solidified to a pole. He sat down on the bed and pulled me on his lap. He lifted me up and slowly I slid down over his dick. I groaned loudly and took my arms tightly around his shoulders. I felt how he filled me and I was about to explode. Liam moaned loudly and he forced me to ride him. I felt how he kept his hands around me and made me fall completely into his power. I hid my face against his neck and I moved faster. All was forgotten and the only one I wanted was Liam.


When I had been over him for a while, he lifted me up. I took my legs around his waist and I felt he brought me to the wall. He pushed me up against the cold surface and quickly he started to move on the hips. I heard him moaning and I felt how he got my whole body to collapse. I was slammed hard into the wall and I couldn't resist. Liam moaned and he moved quickly. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was lust. He was sweaty all over his body and his face was red. He smiled slightly and kissed me. I kissed him back and let my tongue play with his. We ended up in a state that was just amazing and he filled me with emotion.


In the end, he had to calm down. He dropped me on the floor and he was breathing rapidly. 
"Get on the bed!" he mumbled. I obeyed him, and directly he followed me. He smiled and seemed to love what we did. He pulled me so that I was in the middle of the bed, then he raised my legs over his shoulders and pushed back. I felt how he was once again filled me and I screamed almost straight out. Liam held his hands around my thighs hard and I saw how he worked with the entire body. He pushed himself hard in and out. It was as if he couldn't stop. 
"Caress yourself." he whispered. I brought my hand down and obeyed him. I closed my eyes and my body quickly began to reach the top of the mountain. I felt myself losing control and eventually I came. I was shaking all over and threw my head back. I felt the orgasm was bigger because of Liam's dick. It was like he was in control of everything and he loved to guide me.


When Liam came, he took out his dick out of me. He sat down between my legs and let his hand move quickly over it. He looked at my body all the time and finally he came. He squirted out all the liquid over my stomach and he was shaking with excitement. I saw how he really had to fight and eventually he relaxed and looked into my eyes. 
"It was fantastic!" he whispered, and laid on top of me. He kissed me and didn't care that we had semen and sweat between us. I felt we slowly regained consciousness and landed in present times.


We woke up from the thoughts of Simon came into the room. He patted fond his hands and laughed. 
"Bravo, you were absolutely incredible." 
I realized that the video was recorded and I realized that now I would end up online. I had no control over it and my old life was a distant memory.

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