Let's do it


20. different path

In the morning I awoke to Liam and he packed. He seemed stressed and I realized that we were going back to Niall. He gave me my clothes and I chose to take them on me. We didn't say a single word to each other and as we sat in the car, Liam seemed absent minded. 
"You know that I love you?" he got out. "And I do everything to make you feel good?" 
I saw that we didn't drive the same highway as we should. Where were we going? 
"What do you mean?" 
Liam smiled weakly. 
"I'm thinking of leaving Niall and the gang. I have my own contacts and I can get my business in another city." 
I frowned. 
Liam turned the car to the airport and I felt I was a little nervous. 
"Shall we leave it all now?" I got out of me. Liam swallowed and cleared his throat lightly. 
"Not me, but you!" 
Liam smiled at me. 
"I've arranged so you can leave this with Niall, to obey and to be a sex slave., You will get to be yourself and maybe I'm looking you up one day." 
"But I have no passport?" 
Liam smiled. 
"It dissolves."


Liam turned the car to a road at the side of the airport and right as it was, we ended up in a field. There was a helicopter and on the ground was Simon. 
"I made a deal with him." continued Liam and swallowed. "I got a night with you and he will save you., You wont to be here when I put in the time with Niall." 

I didn't want to go, but Liam gave me a reassuring glance. 
"Believe me, you don't want to stay there."


Simon made ​​sure I sat in the helicopter. Liam gave him bags and I asked myself directly if it was my clothes. Simon closed the door and sat down next to me. 
"I promise you, you wont regret it."


The helicopter took off and I saw Liam on the ground. I knew I was about to leave it all and I had no idea about my future. 
"Why?" I got out of me. Simon just smiled and looked at me for a long time. 
"Niall has had delusions of grandeur and there are many who want him out. Liam shall ensure that he gives up everything, but he don't die from it." 
I looked at Simon. 
"And I?" 
He laughed little bit. 
"You are with me and I promise not to be as nasty as last time. We will be fine."
I don't know where we were going and I had no clue about anything. 
"But Niall?" 
Simon laughed. 
"You will forget him!"

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