Let's do it


13. choosing

Simon had seen to it that the staff took home clothes for me. Instead of my short dresses, I got on me sexy, but decent clothes. He made ​​sure I got nice shoes and even jewellery. As I stood in front of the mirror and saw myself, I was surprised. Simon laughed and looked down at the dress that went below the knees. 
"You can fit as my wife." he murmured contentedly. "I will give you a night you wont soon forget." 
I gulped and looked at him. 
"Are you saying that this can be my life, if I say yes?" 
He nodded. 
"Yes! Of course I'm serious." 
I swallowed and was so close to saying yes. Still, I hesitated. It was too good to be true.


I had never been to the theater before. I saw older ladies and I saw well-behaved people around me. I was nervous and couldn't help but feel misfit. I wasn't a rich, good looking girl. I was a former whore who was with a drug addict. Simon didn't care about my reaction and no one saw who I really was.


We had the place on the balcony, among the richest people. I took Simon's hand in mine and I felt how I was shaking. I saw the older ladies and gentlemen greeted at me and I smiled back. Yet it felt so wrong. 
"Come on!" Simon whispered to me. "I don't think these people have been on your side of town and you're pretty. You look like one of them."
I swallowed and I tried to keep myself calm. I sat with a straight back and I was trying to look like one of them. 
"I feel like a ..." 
Simon interrupted me with an easy laugh. 
"Don't feel what you feel. You are perfect as you are!"


After the theater Simon took me to a luxurious restaurant. We ate food and I felt I really enjoyed the evening. Simon was a gentleman and he made ​​sure I was comfortable the whole time.


When we got in the car he asked the private driver to take us to another place. Simon took my hand and I saw how he enjoyed the evening. We stopped on a higher mountain, overlooking the city. The driver left us alone and I looked surprised at Simon. He smiled and took my hand tightly in his.
"Please say yes!"
I hesitated. Simon smiled and sat on the floor in front of me. He pulled up my dress over my knees and let his hands slide up my thighs. He took hold of my panties and pulled them down.
"I will give you everything." he murmured and pulled up the dress so that he saw my bare bottom. I saw that he was looking between my legs and I groaned.
"If I say no?"
Simon smiled and let one hand brush against my most sensitive area. I groaned and looked how he bent down. He kissed me on the thighs and then looked at me again.
"If you say no, you will miss me with your whole body..."
His lips brushed against me between my legs and I wanted to scream. I felt how he enveloped the area and his tongue licking me all over the clitoris. I moaned, I groaned and I spread my legs. Simon let a finger penetrate and he brought it quickly in and out. Each time his finger went in, he met the right point inside me. I groaned loudly and I brought my hips against him. Simon smiled and took care of the whole area, as if he owned it. 
"Say yes!" 
I groaned. 
"But Niall?" 
Simon looked up at me. 
"You need a man, not a boy who thinks he owns the world."
He pulled down his fly and pulled down his pants. He moved me closer to the edge of the seat and penetrated. I took my arms tightly around his body and whimpered straight out. Simon brought hip quickly back and forth. He moaned against my lips and I felt he really loved to be near me. It wasn't long before we both moaned and he bounced hard against me. The whole car was moving and I heard the squeaking of the wheel. Simon made ​​me let go of all doubt and in the end we were like mad. I took my legs around his waist and I let him catch me up. Simon worked quickly and he ended up with kissing me. Instead he moaned against my lips and I felt how he made me shake with desire. I moved on my hips against him and I closed my eyes.


"Hell yes!" I shouted right out when I come. I was shaking and I felt the whole he took over my body. I was like a volcano and the exploitation was heard outside the car.


"I'll call Niall." Simon mumbled and kissed me lightly. "I'll make sure he can't touch you again."

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