Let's do it


8. Being his

As soon as I came in to the other, Harry stood near me at the bar and I almost felt that his body was touching mine. 
"So when do I get to test how it is to have you?" 
I looked at him coldly. 
"Sorry but I don't belong to you. I'm with Niall!" 
Harry grinned and I felt his hand on my butt. He caressed me on the buttocks and i heard how he groaned lightly. 
"Maybe you should think about it? I'm good at many things and I can make it good for you."
I quickly hit his hand away. 
"Get away from me!" 
Harry giggled and I felt that he wouldn't surrender. He stood behind me and pushed his boner against my butt. 
"Come on, you're used to fuck all and what's the difference?" 
I hit him and I spun around. 
"I tell this to Niall, if you so much as poking at me again."
Harry grunted slightly and he looked down at my body. 
"Why the hell can't you just let me test you?" 
I pushed him away. 
"I'm not a whore anymore and stay away from me." 
Niall appeared and immediately disappeared Harry away from me. Niall saw that something had happened and I gave him a cold stare. 
"Can't you fucking tell him to let me be." 
Niall became stiff in the body and without a word he followed Harry.


When we went home that night, I saw that Harry had been beaten. He looked down at the ground and avoided me. Niall grabbed my hand and he pulled me along the street. 
"If any of the others doing the same thing, you say it to me." he muttered and I nodded quickly. I saw that both Liam and Zayn avoided me and I realized that I messed it all up. Maybe they weren't used to have a girl around them?
"He got what he deserved." continued Niall and gave me a quick glance. "No one touches what belongs to me."


Niall didn't seem to get enough of having me under him. We had sex half the night and I think that none of the others could sleep. We moaned and we almost screamed. In the morning Niall grinned and he was in a good mood. 
"Do you know my tricks?" 
I looked wonderingly at him and he hugged my light. 
"I take the pill and then I get my dick standing straight up, what seems like forever." 
I looked down at his body. 
"So you don't get horny when you see me?" 
He smiled. 
"Yes I always get horny by you, but I sometimes I need a helping hand to get boner."

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