Let's do it


7. as girlfriend

I was surprised how many Niall controlled. In the evening we came in at a disco and immediately we got to go to the VIP section. A table was ready for us and Niall was happy. 
"Don't tell me you have threatened this owner too?"
Niall laughed and pulled me down on the couch so that I landed near him. 
"No, he's just a good friend." 
I swallowed and saw how the girls immediately began to flock around the guys. Niall showed clear that he only wanted me, which led to the others got more girls to make out with.
"You'll get used to it eventually." Niall whispered in my ear and laughed a little bit. "There are many advantages to being with us. Nobody will threaten you and nobody will do anything against you." 
I didn't know if I would be grateful.


There came many other tough guys to the table. Niall was talking business with them and it was about everything from money to drugs. I couldn't listen to it all and instead tried to just relax. It didn't attracted me to learn more about Nialls business.


"Follow me!" Niall mumbled to an end and pulled me from the couch. He gave an employee money and he showed us to the back room. We came into a room and immediately pulled Niall me into his arms.
"Here we can be alone." he murmured, and let his hands caress me all over my body. I spun around and looked at him. He just smiled and I felt his palms slid over my back. He kissed me and I felt his tongue slipped inside . He pulled off my dress and seemed to like that I was naked in front of him. He backed me against a couch and got me to sit down . He sat on his knees in front of me and let the kiss wander down over my neck . He kissed my nipples and went down to my stomach. I felt how he pulled me so that I was sitting on the edge of the couch. He parted my legs and let his lips wrap around my pussy. I groaned and felt his tongue began to work. Direct I took my hands over his head and I pressed myself against him. Niall pulled down his pants and I knew that he began to jerk off. I heard he worked quickly with his hand and his tongue made ​​me just whine even more. I spread my legs as much as I could and he took care of me the best way. Just when I was coming, he stopped and smiled at me. I looked down at him and his face was red. 
"Damn, you taste fresh." He then got up on his knees and brought his cock towards me. He pushed it hard in and I felt his hands held my hips tight. He moved his hips quickly and he looked straight into my eyes. I heard that I was wet between my legs and I received him.


Without a sound suddenly Liam came into the room. 
Niall groaned and continued to fuck me. He took down the thumb and began to caress me over the clitoris. I screamed almost straight out and I closed my eyes. I came and I pressed myself against him. Niall smiled and it wasn't long before he came. 


When he had calmed down he looked cool on Liam. 
"Can't you knock?" 
Liam blushed slightly and he stared at my body. 
"We have a problem." 
Niall groaned again and he pulled up his pants. Then he gave me my dress and stood up. 
"What the hell is so important that you come and disturb me?" 
Liam looked at me when I took my dress on and I understood that he pined for my body, but I didn't belong to him. 
"Anderson is threatening to not pay."
Niall sighed. 
"Tell him to come here and I'll take care of it." He then looked at me and smiled. "You're wonderful, but the business must be made." 
I still felt the orgasm had affected me and I was still being short of breath. Still, I managed to collect myself and I sat up on the couch.


A large man came into the room and he looked cold at Niall. Then he saw me and he smiled disgusting at me. 
"So you've got a whore?" 
Niall was cold against the man, and he cleared his throat lightly. 
"She's with me and she's my girlfriend." 
The man was serious, and then looked at Niall. 
"We have problems with the southern district. I can't pay because the cops made ​​sure to stop my business." 
Niall sighed. 
"What happened?" 
The man explained a long story about how the police stormed his headquarters and that all employees sat in jail. 
"So I haven't it easy."
Niall spun around and gave me a quick glance. 
"Go out to the others, baby!" 
I nodded and stood up. It was a relief not to have to stay, but at the same time, I wondered what they would talk about.

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