Let's do it


17. Amended rules

Niall sneaked up behind Simon and I saw the gun he held in his hand. He pushed it up straight at Simon's back and loaded it. 
"If I was you I would move very cautiously." hissed Niall cold. "I've killed before and I can kill you." 
Simon froze and lifted gently his hands up. Louis showed up and took directly from Simon his weapon, which he had in his belt. 
"You're walking away with me." whispered Niall cold. "We're going out the back and you don't make any quick moves." 
Niall smiled quickly at me and I saw that he was satisfied. 
"And you stay here, sweetheart!"
I sat down at the bar and tried to look like a customer. I ordered a drink and tried to get the body to calm down. I didn't think Niall would kill Simon, but at the same time I didn't want to know what they were doing.


"Now you are free!" Niall whispered in my ear when he came back. He took his arms around my waist and hugged me lightly. I kissed him and took my arms around his neck. It was a relief to get rid of Simon. He giggled slightly and responded to the kiss. 
"Is it okay?" he asked, when we had finished it. I nodded. 
"Yes, it's okay." 
Niall released me and took my hand. 
"Shall we go?" 
I wasn't sure. 
"...and Simon?"
Niall looked at Harry, who in turn shook his head. I was scared, but Niall looked into my eyes and and gave me a crooked smile. 
"It's all right, honey." 
I swallowed. 
"What did you do with him?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and looked at me with a confident gaze. 
"Let's just say he wont hurt you again. We didn't kill him."


Niall had changed and he was sure to have me near him. He didn't do everything openly and seemed more cautious. They was still selling drugs, seized pubs and other things, but I realized that the world was still rotten anyway.


One night we lay in the bed as usual and Niall snuggled next to my body. 
"Honey, will you stay with me?" 
I looked at him that he had debated the question for a long time. 
"Of course I do." 
Niall frowned. 
"But you don't fit in here, I mean, you can get better guys to fall for you and you are worth more than what I can give you." 
I didn't know what he wanted to say with the words and I was silent. Niall smiled slightly and let his hand slide across my stomach. 
"I just want to be sure it's me you want." he whispered tenderly. "I want to know that you aren't looking for Simon or some other fool."
Niall let his hand slide down between my legs and I groaned. 
"No, I want to be here with you." 
Niall smiled and he got me to spread your legs more. He had two fingers penetrate and he quickly got me second thoughts. 
"So you love me almost?" 
I nodded and let our lips meet. Niall groaned and he tore my panties off. He then let his hand do job and I ended up pretty soon in ecstasy. I moaned at him and I felt  how he got me to reach heights. My whole body shook and he knew what I wanted. I felt his fingers worked in and out. I felt that I was wet and I felt I was close to coming. 
"Let it all out!" Niall mumbled. He ended the kiss and looked straight into my eyes. "I love to see you enjoy. Unleash and came, for my sake." 
I lifted my hips and closed my eyes. His hand felt almost like a dick and he filled me. I moaned loudly and finally I came. I felt how my whole body shook and I threw back my head. Niall smiled and kissed me on the face. He held on until I calmed down. 
"So you're still me?" 
I nodded and tried to collect myself. 
Niall smiled and looked down over my body. 
"Good, then I know that I have you with me."


Was it a test? He just wanted to see that I was still his property? 


In the morning he let the others in the room and he made ​​sure everyone saw that I was naked. 
"She's mine!" he said and looked at the guys. "She's my girlfriend and I decide over her more than before." 
Harry snorted. 
"We know?" 
Niall looked at him coldly. 
"No, you don't know Harry, since you are so keen to have her." 
I blushed, but no one looked at me. I wondered what was happening. Niall wanted to make selections or he changed the rules?
"I have a new rule!" he said with a cheerful voice. He gave me a quick glance and made ​​sure I heard what he said. "Whoever gets Simon to leave the city, get to fuck her." 
I sat up and I almost lost my breath. 
Niall grinned and looked at me again. 
"Yes, Darling!" he whispered. "These guys need a good reward and you're the best that I have." 
"You're kidding?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No, seriously. You are mine and you said yesterday that it's me you want. I trust you and the only thing that happens is that you do as I say."

All the others seemed to be delighted. 
"So if I or we get him to leave the city, we get a night with her?" 
Niall nodded 
"You have my word!" 


I wanted to die!

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