Elizabeth I

"Long live the Princess!" Rang throughout the country on the day that Anne Boleyn and King Henry VI had their beautiful daughter; Elizabeth. Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of England.

Half sister to Bloody Mary. The prized Gem of the Tudor household. The Black Rose's favored child. The Jewel of Wales. The Crown of England.

But not all was so easy being her.

Attempted kidnappings.

Attempted assassinations.

A true fighter.

A child loved by her father most of all, a child who was protected throughout everything.

A special, strong woman. The first outspoken Feminist.

The Virgin Queen.

And this is her story.

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


2. A Private Supper Awaits

"Elizabeth?" My father said worriedly as he sheathed his sword. 

I looked up from the corpse and stopped glaring. "Yes, my Lord?"

"You should not have watched. This is something that women should not have to see." He was reprimanding me. 

I quickly thought tried to think up some excuse, but was unsuccessful. "Yes, Father." I said instead. 

"And go and change. Discard of that dress immediately. Have it burned." He ordered me. 

I did my best to curtsy in what was left of my dress and said, "As you wish, Father."

I left and walked slowly (as a proper lady should) to my rooms. 

My old nurse was shocked by my appearance. After all, a young girl of thirteen years should not be wearing a dress that mostly resembles rags and be covered in blood. 

"Elizabeth!" She started out with a gasp. 

I raised an eyebrow at her. She was the only one I'd ever allow to speak to me like that other than my father. 

"What happened?!" And then she was ripping the horrendously offending items from my body and ordering a warm bath be made up immediately for me. 

I shrugged. 

And she instantly began to correct my behaviour. "Princess, ladies do NOT slouch, shrug, skip, trip people, or run through the halls screaming like a witch. You know better!"

I sighed. I'd done all those things and more that she listed. My poor nurse was going to be killed off by me, I was sure of it. 

"My apologies, Gretchen." I sighed. "And to answer your previous question, I was attacked, almost kidnapped in fact."

She stopped her work of disrobing me and shuddered, then pulled me close into an embrace. "Mein liebling! Est tude mir lide!" She prattled out in lightning fast German. She was, after all, of German descent. 

"Thank you, Gretchen, however I do need to hurry with changing. I'd rather like to get into that warm bath whilst the warmth is there." 

She shook herself out of her reverie and smiled at me. "Of course, Lizzie."

I groaned inwardly. Ever since I was five, she has been calling me that. 

There was a knock on the door and Gretchen raced to see who it was. She let them in with a contempt glower marring her face. 

It was my half sister, Mary. I was barely able to keep from shuddering under her piercing gaze. 

"Sister, dear." She mocked to me. 

"How do you do, Mary?" I asked politely, trying my hardest to keep myself modest by holding my bodice up. 

"Bloody wonderful." She snapped, cursing back at me. "Father requests your..." She seemed to choke, "Lovely...wonderful. Presence during his private supper." 

I slightly nodded my head in recognition to her words. 

"He asks that you wear your newest gown for this...event." 

"I just lost my newest gown from the attempted kidnapping." I said in utter disbelief at my luck. 

"Then wear one of your other hideous gowns!" She snapped as she slapped me across the face. 

I was stunned. Mary... My own sister... My poor, mangled face! 

And then the sound of skin slapping against skin and the pain filled cry of a girl over whelmed my senses. Gretchen had just slapped Mary hard across her face. So hard the action had drawn blood. 

"You will address as well as treat the Princess of Wales with respect!" Gretchen said with a surprisingly large amount of authority. 

I was shocked by Gretchen's actions. I had not thought that this would ever happen. It seems that was foolish of me to believe.

Mary was furious. That title that once belonged to her used as my name practically, she was resentful of my birth and it was not hard to notice. 

"Go. Now." I said coldly to her. 

She left, with hatred and tears in her eyes.

I was going to see my father again tonight, for a private supper.

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