hobos and vicious prince

This story is about a hobo aka Selena who meets the vicious prince she does not like him,his name is loci and his brother is Thor and this is a fanfic about Thor and Selena Gomez and this is how Selena's stpry begins..........


1. the beginning and the begging

Hobos aka Selena's p.o.v


I wake up on the street,it happens all the time,but there is something different this time I am not under a arch like usual hmmmmmm.I get up and see the guards of the palace coming they look like they are killing people,but why I guess someone was saving me.I get up and run and hide behind some wood that people have not picked up yet I see the guards pass by so I wait a few minutes untill I'm sure they won't turn around.I get up and go to my usual spot were I usual beg and stuff,and for your knowledge I don't have any money okay,I walk over to were I usual go and sit down and see someone walk by I crawl infront of them and they look down in disgust.

"Sir sir please I just need some money"I say looking like I'm hurt badly,I am but it's just that I ignore the pain

"No why would I give you some of my precious treasures"he says while walking away

"UNLIKE YOU I DON'T HAVE ANY TREASURES"I yell the man turns around

"If you don't know I am the prince of asgard,my name is loci"he says(what I couldn't think of a better name and I forget how to spell thors brother name so yea if I spelled it right please tell me haha I am basically making a fanfic haha I did not mean to though yea I think I should shut up now haha)like I should care

"Well loci,why should I care atleast I'm not a stuck up airhead."I say while standing up

"No one talks to me that way"he says while giving me the death stare

"Well I just DID"I yell the last part"and for your information I am ignoring the pain"I say while pointing at my aching body

"Well well we have a trouble maker I will have to take you to the king"he says while grabbing my wrist

"Well mister your brother will let me go I know him and he's my friend and you know he can defeat you don't you"I say all sassy like 

"Well I didn't know my brother was friends with a peasent"he says surprised

"Well how about you just leave me alone"I say while grabbing my empty cup

"Okay fine then peasent but if you disobey me one more time I will make sure of it you will never step on these grounds again"he says then walks away well sir you are gonna have to get through my mojo.......okay I don't have alot of mojo gosh hmmmm. How will I make sure I see Thor I am sure the king will not let me see him because loci has already told him or he is on the way hmmmm



Hey guys haha ii am making another book haha please tell me

1·How to make it better

2·If you like it

And if you do that please just

1·Favorite the book of hobos and vicious prince

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3·Like I already said please comment

4·Fan me please haha I am not begging hahah and I will update alot even if I don't get like like some people I actually write because I love to not for the the um the popularity thats the wordd haha I love all of my fans and if you want me to update please tell me here is my kik if any of you want to chat okay





I know lame but I love to read haha haha well love ya'lls - Alisha


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