One direction member kidnapped

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En lille tekst om mig : Min lærer ville have man skulle skrive en fanfiction som en engelsk opgave. Men hun havde lavet lidt om på opgaven, man skal skrive den med kendte personen synsvinkel. Da det er første gang jeg har lavet en sådan en opgave, tænkte jeg hvorfor ikke sætte den ud på movellas? Så kan jeg høre hvad i siger om den, og måske begynde at skrive rigtige fanfictions for jer :) Ps. Den er kun på 2 sider :D
Tusind tak på forhånd <3

Den handler om en pige ved navnet Sofia, som virkelig godt kan lide Zayn. Men kidnapper ham efter et show pga hun vil have ham til at droppe hende fordi hun ikke synes om perrie og ham sammen. Hun mener hun ikke er den rette person, og herfra begynder den lille historie jeg har skrevet. En lille geografi kommer med af zayn i starten, da min lærer ville have det med.


1. Her har i den :)




Geography :

Zayn malik is a member of the boyband One direction. He participated in x factor 2010, season 7.

He is born 12th  January 1993 in Bradford, England. His mother Tricia malik is british and his father Yaser malik is from Pakistan. Zayn have 3 sisters Donya, Waliyha and Safaa.

He is in a relationship with Perrie Edwards from Little mix. They are engaged  and will get married soon.



Where we are tour, is going really good. We all really like it, meeting fans, show them how much we care about them, is the best. We always think that it’s not about the money, but about how much our fans have done for us.

We’ve  got success very fast in the world, we had never dreamed this is going to happen, it’s amazing to think about.

Today we are going to give a concert in Denmark, in the international stadium “ Parken”

After the concert, when I got backstage a girl named Sofia came over to me. She smiled and asked for autograph, I smiled back and gave her one. Some days later i saw her again, I could not believe it. She always came over to me and asked the same thing in every concert.. Its was kind of weird, but i didn’t say anything. Another day in our concert she came again. After the show when I was going to our tour bus alone, I feel like someone was behind me. I turn back and watched if somebody was behind me, but I could not see anybody. I was little scared, I wished our guards was with me right now. In a second everything got black, I cannot remember what happened that moment. When I wake up someone was calling my name. “ Zayn Zayn! I have something for you. Open your eyes”  I opened my eyes slowly, my head was really heavy. I never had this feeling before. When my eyes opened completely, I was in shock. I was somewhere else , a place i've never seen. Where the hell am I, where is my crew? I shouted. A voice replied “You've been kidnapped, you're going to like it here, trust me” That girl named Sofia came in front of me, I could not believe it. Before you ask me why I have kidnapped you, I answer that question. I have kidnapped you because I really like you, and i will never let Perrie get you, that girl is not good for you. I’m on a tour? What the hell are you thinking? Have you lost you’re mind?.  No, actually i don’t. I’m helping you like a directioner should have done a long time ago. My god! You are really gone too far, get me out of here right now! I shouted. Never! I do not care, you are going to stay here she replied with a creepy voice.

Some hours later, I was going crazy! What about our tour? The boys are probably stressed and do not know what to do. They can’t call someone, this news will come out to news channel faster then anything. Wait a second? I can call them, where’s my phone? Now i’m getting stupid, I'm tied to a chair, I can’t get out of this! I shouted Sofia name, I think she didn’t hear me. After some minutes she came over to me. Where’s my cellphone? I really need it, I tried to make puppy eyes, while I said it. It’s a secret place, and you will not get it, sorry and then she was out of the room.

I was getting crazy in here, I was hoping the boys was trying to find me, I really want to get out of here. Now I’ve been here more than 24 hours, I can’t believe this girl’s parents don’t what she is doing. I turned on the TV, guess what I saw? All the news channels, was telling the same news “ One direction member kidnapped” Harry came on one of the channels, he was getting interviewed. A reporter asked him when I was kidnapped. And if they heard something. Harry’s face was telling he didn’t know what to answer. He probably found on something, like always.

I was just wishing to get out of here right now. Our concert dates was postponed, and all our fans were upset, they should be. Just because of this girl named Sofia, their biggest dream is not going become true. Just hear this girls excuse for kidnapping me, she is out of her mind!

I was really surprised, Sofia didn’t came over to me in few hours now. I could either hear her voice, maybe she is gone. I may be able to get free from the chair, I managed to get free from the chair.

I came out of the house, but I did not know which direction I should go. I saw a taxi and rushed me to run over to it. I asked the driver to drive me to the hotel we stayed, he said of course and drop me to the hotel.

I rushed up to our rooms, I opened our door and saw everyone sitting there. They were all really upset, I looked at them and then just shouted “ Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! “ They all turned around, and was just looking at me. They had never expected I will come in like this. Everyone ran over to me, and was really happy for seeing me. I started telling them, what happened with me.

We all were really shocked about, why this girl kidnapped me, it was really a crazy excuse for doing all this. We all agreed that, were not going to tell police about this girl. She is a directioner, so we can’t to this to her. We know she have done something wrong, but maybe she is sick or something. But a god news is, that were started Take me home tour again, this time we will be extra careful. 

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