youtube dream

Ella has dreamed of being a youtuber. She made skitts parody video's and blogs. But she's too scared to post them on youtube.


1. day dream

          "Ella" screamed the crowd as I walked in my hotel room. "Wow, being a youtuber is hard" I said to myself. "Tell me about it" IJustine said walking in. "Hi roomie" she added. I was so shocked that I Ella Baxter is breathing the same air IJustine is breathing. "H-hi. I'm Ella Baxter." I said holding my hand up for a hand shake. "Omg are you Ella Baxter?" She asked. I nodded my head. She rushed to her suitcase and grabbed a poster. "Can you please sign this." Believe in your self Ella Baxter ;). She was so happy that I signed her poster. 


Ella. Ella. Ella Baxter.


"What mom?" I said. "Drinkers almost served." She replied. I went over to my desk and opened my diary.



today was awesome. I had a great day dream. I just hope that will come true.


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