5SOS Imagines/Preferences

5 Seconds of Summer imagines and preferences. Write in the comments if you want one. Put who with and what you look like


2. Ashton/Trinity

Trinity's POV

"Ash!" I giggle, "please stop!!" Me and Ashton are currently play fighting like we always do. He is straddling me and tickling my sides.

"Make me," he smirks. He picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder and spins around.

"Quit it!" I laugh. He sets me down on the couch and sits next to me. We continue to watch The Muppets, that is until I uncover my sides, and he begins to tickle me again. We roll off the couch and he lands straddling me while I'm on my back. I smile and he brushes the loose strands of my blonde hair out of my face. That's when he smashes his lips against mine. It's a deep, rough, and passionate kiss. I lace my fingers through his hair as he licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I happily grant and his tongue into my mouth. I tug at the hem of his shirt and pretty sure it's thrown across the room. He starts missing my neck until he finds my weak spot. Then he begins sucking and nibbling and licking. I moan as I run my hands over his bare back, feeling his muscles tense up. He slips my shirt over my head. His lips return to mine as he runs his fingers lightly over my body, sending chills up my spine.

"We're home!" Michael calls and we pull apart, eyes wide. He smirks and kisses me again before we both stand up, keep in mind that we're both shirtless.

"What went on in here?" Luke chuckles and blush. Ashton chuckles and snakes his arm around my waste.

"Nothing much," he smirks and I giggle.

"Oh and Trinity, nice hickey," Calum smirks and I turn a dark shade of red.

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