Hi my name is Maddie Anne Moore. I live in Sydney, Australia but is wasn't born here.
This is about 5 Seconds Of Summer but they are not famous and don't all know each other. Hope you like it


3. Chapter 3

One Direction stood in the front of the class. Why were they here? Oh I forgot to tell you. I was kidnapped by them before I moved to Aussie. I escaped, but the found me. “Fuck!” I said out loud. They looked over at me, and smirked. I was the only one in there because I always get to my classes first. “Well look boys. It’s our best friend, France.” Liam said to the rest of them. “Where is Mrs. Fritzmeyer?” I asked them. They are the reason I became a badass and a heartbreaker. “She is sick today. We are the teachers for today.” Niall told me. “Sick or did you kidnap her too?” I asked them in a sarcastic tone. “Maddie, Maddie, Maddie. What have we told you about the sarcasm and back talking?” Harry asked me. “You aren’t the fucking boss of me.” I got out of me. I didn’t realize they were so close to me until Louis grabbed my arm. “Let go of me! HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” I yelled. Luke ran in and saw Louis gripping my arm really hard. Good thing his locker was right next to the classroom. “Let go of her.” he said through gritted teeth. “Niall, knock Lover Boy out.” Liam told him. Niall walked away so did Zayn. I wonder what Zayn was doing. “No! Luke run! Get out of here. Please don’t hurt him.” I yelled. They all shook their heads. “NIALL FUCKING HORAN! I SWEAR IF YOU LAY ONE FINGER ON HIM I WILL BEAT ALL OF YOUR ASSES. STARTING WITH YOU!” I yelled at him. He smirked at me and poked Luke. “THAT’S IT!” I yelled and broke free of Louis’ grasp. I ran over to Niall and beat the shit out of him. Zayn came at me next. He was harder to beat but I did. Louis came at me while Liam went at Luke. What should I do? Liam got to Luke before Louis got to me. I saw Luke hit Liam so I knew he was good. Louis finally got to me. He has gotten stronger than the last time I saw him. He was more of a challenge, but I finally knocked him to the ground and knew he wasn’t getting up. I looked over at Luke to see Liam on top of him beating his ass. I walked over to them, ripped Liam off of Luke, and beat his ass. Harry was last. He didn’t come at me. He went for Luke, and I saw he had a knife in his hand. “LUKE!” I yelled, and knocked him out off the way. I got stabbed by Harry instead of Luke. Luke saw what happened and got pissed. He beat the shit out of Harry he was so pissed. Luke ran over to me, and called 991. Luke whispered “I Love You” and that’s all I remember before I passed out. I woke up and all I saw was a white ceiling. I heard crying on both sides of me. I looked to my left and saw my mom on my right was Luke. He was holding my hand, his head was down, and he was crying. “Mom, Luke.” I got out of me. They both looked at me and hugged me. “What happened?” I asked Luke. “Well Harry stabbed you.” he said. “No shit sherlock. I mean after I blacked out.” I told him. “You died in the ambulance on the way here. The brought you back to life. You also died in surgery. The brought you back to life, but you have been in a coma for 2 months.” he told me. “2 months?” I asked. They both nodded. “Mom can you go get me some water and the doctor?” I asked her. She nodded and left the room. “Luke. I heard what you whispered before I blacked out, and I wanted you to know that I love you too. I just didn’t want you to become involved with my past.” I told him. “Why did Louis have a hold of your arm when I came in the room?” Luke asked me. “Before I moved here I was kidnapped by One Direction. This was 2 years ago. They had me for almost the full 2 years but I escaped. I told my mom, and we decided not to tell the cops because it was their word against ours and they are famous so they would get away with it. My mom decided to move us out here. I thought I was safe, but as you can see they found me. I didn’t want you to get hurt if they found me, and we were dating because I know they would have killed you.” I told him. “Well they are in jail now so you don’t have to worry about them.” Luke told me. I leaned over and kissed him. He kissed me back. When we pulled back we both smiled. The doctor and my mom walked in. My mom gave me the water, and the doctor had Luke and my mom leave the room so I can get checked up. “Maddie. I will get you, and set the boys free. They won’t be too happy with you that you like that boy.” the doctor said. I looked up at him and saw it was their best friend Ed Sheeran. He helped the boys with me while I was held captive in their house. “Luke! Mom!” I yelled. “It’s no use, babe. The walls and doors are sound proof.” he told me. “Don’t call me babe.” I spit at him. “Last time I checked me and the boys made the rules not you.” he told me. “Well last time I checked you guys weren’t the fucking boss of me.” I told him. “Maddie didn’t you learn the last time we had you?” he asked me. He then put something in my IV. “Goodnight, baby.” he said. that’s all I remember before I passed out. I woke up in a different room with my clothes on. Ed must have brought me here. How did he sneak me past Luke and my mom? I tried to get up but my hands were tied above my head and my legs were open and tied to the bottom of the bed frame. I started screaming for help. I heard the door open and saw One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, and Michael Clifford. Michael is one of my classmates. “Michael? What are you doing here? How did you guys get out of jail?” I asked One Direction and Mikey. “Ed bailed us out.” Zayn told me. “I have always knew these guys, Maddie. I joined up with them because you fucked me then never talked to me again.” Michael told me. “Well you can blame them because they are the reason I turned into a total badass and heartbreaker.” I told him. Michael turned to look at the boys, but they all turned away from his gaze. Well not Austin he looked straight at me. “Don’t blame us for your problems.” he yelled at me. “Well lets see. I you guys hadn’t kidnapped me in California I was still be there, getting good grades, and not fucking around with everybody.” I said right back. “Guys get out. Maddie has a lesson to learn for back talking.” Austin told them. They all left the room, Austin walked over to the door, and locked it. Shit Austin was the worse person back in Cali. I’m screwed!


Luke’s P.O.V.

The doctor has been in there with Maddie for about an hour. I know it doesn’t take this long to check somebody who just woke up from coma. I know this because my little sister was in a coma before. She was out for about a year. “Ms. Jones do you think we should check on her? The doctor has been in there for about an hour and it doesn’t take that long to be checked after being in a coma.” I asked/said. She turned to me “How do you know how long it takes?” she asked me. “Well my little sister was in coma for about a year, and it only took ten minutes for her check up when she finally woke up.” I told her honestly. “Did you by chance happen to see what the doctor looked like?” she asked me with this look on her face that I couldn’t understand. I nodded to her “It was Ed Sheeran. Why?” I said/asked. Worry flushed over her face, and she hurried to get in the room. I was right behind her, but when I got in the room she was in tears. I looked to where Maddie last was and saw that she was gone. “Ms. Jones what does Ed Sheeran have to do with One Direction?” I asked because I wanted to know the whole story. “Sit down so I can tell you the full story.” she told me, and we walked over to the hospital bed to sit. “Well as you already know Maddie was kidnapped by One Direction when we were living in California. What she didn’t tell anybody, but me is that Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone helped them with her. She was raped and abused, but the person who was the worse out of all of them was Austin. They held her captive for two years. She thinks it was only one year because they had her knocked out for about three months. We didn’t tell anybody because they would just get away with it for being famous. While they had her I reported that she was kidnapped, and the cops kept looking for her. They were just about to give up when she finally escaped. She told me who had her before the cops questioned her. I told her not to tell who they were, and we would move out of the U.S.” she finished. I just looked at her with mixed emotions going through my body. I stood up, started punching the walls, and yelling everything on my mind.


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