Hi my name is Maddie Anne Moore. I live in Sydney, Australia but is wasn't born here.
This is about 5 Seconds Of Summer but they are not famous and don't all know each other. Hope you like it


2. Chapter 2

Maddie is so cute. I only date other girls to make her jealous, but I’m guessing it isn’t working. I have liked her since she moved here. Oh might need to introduce myself for you to understand who I am. My name is Luke Robert Hemmings, I’m 17, I am 6’3, weight is 170, I am the captain of the football team or soccer as the Americans call it, total badass, Blonde hair that I always style up, Blue- Gray eyes, I’m not that tan, I have lived in Sydney, Australia my whole life, and I love to play the guitar. I arrived at school early so I can talk to Maddie before school starts. I know she arrives at school early because she is always the first one in the class first hour. She arrived about 5 minutes after I did. When she walked past the janitors closet I pulled her in. She punched me in the eye. “What the fuck Maddie! What was that for?” I asked holding my eye. “Why did you pull me into the janitors closet?” she asked getting angry. “Plus why are you here early? I’m always the only one here early.” she asked/ said. “I needed to talk to you without anybody overhearing our conversation.” I told her. It looked like I snapped her out of her thoughts. “Well you didn’t have to pull me in the janitors closet when we are the only two here.” she yelled getting very aggravated. “I saw you always look at me, but when I look at you, you look down and blush.” I said to her. She looked down, and blushed in embarrassment. “I think it’s cute.” I said and lifted her head up with my first two fingers under her chin. She blushed even more. I did something that surprised her. I kissed her. She slapped me across the face. “I may be in love with you, but don’t do that again. I don’t want to be another one of your sluts. I plan on being with another guy today just to dump him tomorrow. Don’t kiss me unless you really love me, and we are in a relationship.” she said and stormed out of the closet. I was hurt. I really thought she would kiss back. The thing that hurt me the most is when she said she had another victim picked out for today. I wish she would just see she is hurting me by having other guys. I wish she would see that I only get with other girls to make her jealous. I am in love with you Maddie Anne Jones!! I sat in there until everybody showed up at school. I finally went to my locker to see all my buddies waiting there for me. “Luke, my man. Where were you?” my friend Ashton yelled. “I was taking care of something’s, Ash.” I said with a fake smile on my face. I can’t believe she rejected me. I just wish that I could show her how much I love her without her rejecting me. The minute bell went off, and everybody started to their classrooms while I just stood there with my locker open looking dumbfounded. A couple minutes went by before I grabbed my books out of my locker, shut it, and headed to class. When I walked in Maddie was smirking at me. While the teacher was talking she got up and talked to the boy in front of her named Calum Hood. She was flirting with him plus she asked him to her house after school, and gave him her number. I wish she would just see that I only hook up with other girls to make her jealous.


                Maddie’s P.O.V.

The bell went off for us to go to our next class. I have music now which is by far my most favorite class besides art. I love to sing and draw so that would be why. I headed to my locker to put my books away, while I was there I grabbed the stuff I would for art since it’s my class after music. I headed to my class to see the people I never thought I would see again.


A/N: Hey my little cheetahs! Sorry Maddie's POV is so short but I decided I would give you all a cliff hanger because I'm evil like that. Comment what you think.

XOXO Tomhi

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