Hi my name is Maddie Anne Moore. I live in Sydney, Australia but is wasn't born here.
This is about 5 Seconds Of Summer but they are not famous and don't all know each other. Hope you like it


1. Chapter 1

Luke Hemmings. That’s his name. The name of my crush, the school’s bad boy, and the heartbreaker. Why do I like him you might ask. Well I’m not a good girl. My mom thinks I’m an angel, but nope. I’m the school’s bad girl. I may not be Australian, but everybody is scared of me. Oh my name is Maddie Anne Jones. Luke isn’t into bad girls though. He goes for the good girls because he knows he will have more fun breaking their hearts. Well look out Luke because I’m a heartbreaker too. I got out of bed, and got ready for school. I wore my Black Skinny Jeans with rips in them, a Bright Red V- Neck with a White Tank Top under it, my Black Leather Biker Jacket, and Bright Red heels on. I curled my Red hair( its like Ariana Grande’s). I put Mascara, Eye Liner, and Bright Red lipstick on. That’s the most make-up I ever wear. I grabbed my White IPhone4, school bag, my Red Beats, regular headphones, and my Red bike helmet. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. “Morning hun.” my mom told me. Maybe I should tell you about myself. I am 16, weigh 169 pounds, am 5’11”, live with my mom, always have my hair a different color every month, live in Australia, born in California, very tan, bright blue eyes, natural hair color is blonde. My hair was so blonde it was almost white. I got tired or people calling me a blonde just because of my hair color. I was really smart so i dyed my hair. My mom didn’t like it at first but she got used to me dying hair all the time. As soon as we moved to Australia my grades went down hill. I don’t know who my dad is because he walked out on my mom when she told him she was pregnant with me. Asshole!! Well back to present time. I walked outside and got on my FireRed Street Bike. I started it, and put my helmet on. With that I drove off to school. Once I got to school I drive into my spot to see that there was only one other person here. They drove their Bright Blue street bike. The only other person that drives a street bike is Luke. I wonder why he is at school so early. I got off my bike, took off my helmet, put my bike key in my bag, and walked into the school to put my helmet in my locker. While I was walking in I was pulled into the janitors closet. I was so caught off guard that I swung at who ever pulled me in. I hit them square in the eye. Haha. That’ll teach the person to catch me off guard. “ What the fuck Maddie? Why did you do that?” the person asked. Luke?! “Why did you pull me into the janitors closet?” I asked right back. I was getting angry. “ Plus why are you at school so early? I’m always the only one here early.” This the only place i come to be alone with no distractions. I wanted to be alone this morning, but i don’t see that happening now. Ugh!! “ I wanted to talk to you without anybody hearing our conversation.” Luke told me snapping me out of my thoughts. “ Well you didn’t have to pull me into the janitors closet when we are the only two here.” I snap. I was very aggravated with him right now because he was taking away my alone time. I need to think about a lot of things today. “I saw that you are always staring at me, but when i look at you, you look down and blush.” I looked down and blushed in embarrassment. He wasn’t supposed to know about that. “I think it’s cute.” he said and lifted my head up with his pointer and middle finger under my chin. I blushed even more. He did something I never expected he would do. He kissed me. The thing that surprised me the most is I didn’t kiss him back. I pulled back at slapped him across the face. “I may be in love with you, but don’t do that again. I don’t want to be another one of your sluts. I plan on being with another guy today just to dump him tomorrow. Don’t kiss me unless you really love me, and we are in a relationship.” I said to him and walked out. He kept calling my name, but I just ignored him because I am pissed at him right now. Why would ke kiss me? We have never talked. Why would we just start dating if we have never talked? I walked to my locker and shoved my helmet in it. I grabbed the books I need for the first 3 hours. People started arriving at school so I just went to my first hour. Maths.. Ugh!! Fun!! *Note the sarcasm* The minute bell went off signaling we had one minute to get to our first hour. Everybody piled into the class. The last one in was Luke. God why do i got to have every single class with him? There was one seat open and that was right behind me. No. NO! NOO! Why did this have to happen to me? My victim was sitting in front of me. Perfect! I can make Luke jealous. I know everybody’s name. My victims name is Calum Hood. He is so hot I don’t know why he isn’t my crush. I got up and walked to Calum’s desk. He looked up at me and tried not to look into my eyes. I leaned down with my forearms on his desk and had my boobs showing. That’s one of the ways I get so many guys. “Hey Calum.” I said biting my lip to be seen more sexy. “H-h-hey” he said stuttering “Why so nervous?” I asked him. “You.” he simply stated. “No need to be nervous around me. Anyways want to come to my house after school?” I asked winking. He nodded his head. I wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. “Text me so I have your number to tell you my parking spot” “No need to tell me. I already know you drive the Fire Red Street Bike, but I will text you.” I nodded and walked back to my seat. “That’s how you do it.” I said to Luke as I sat down

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