Secrets *EDITING*

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happens along the way to success. *A One Direction lovestory* *A Selena Gomez twin story*


9. Chapter 9

I woke up the next morning on the sofa in the movie room. When i walked past the front door I noticed a letter on the floor with my name on. Weird, I thought as I picked it up, who would send me a letter?

I walked into the kitchen and sat down on a chair by the big table in the middle. Careful I opened the envelope. There was only 1 small piece of paper. I took out the small paper and read it. I nearly dropped the paper when I had read the few lines. With shaking hands I read it again.

"I see you found your sister.

I hope you haven't forgotten about me

'cause I know where you are

and I'm coming after you."

How could I forget about the person that ruined my life. I immediately knew who it was and I was terrified. I had done so many stupid things in my past, but this had to be the worst. 

I should never had become friends with him. I knew he was fucked up but I wasn't any better. I thought, why not, it can't be that bad. Oh if I only knew.

By the time I had read it over and over at least 10 times I was full on sobbing and shaking violently. Selena came running into the room. I guess she had heard me. She ran up to me with a worried look on her face. 

"Are you okay Rebecca?!" She asked, quickly hugging me tightly. I shook me head and continued crying. There is no reason to lie to her, she wouldn't believe me anyway.

"What's wrong Becca?" She asked, pulling away from the hug a little. I gave her the letter. How am I going to explain this without completely breaking in two? 

Selena read it with a horrified look on her face. I don't blame her, I'm sure I looked the same. 

"What is this?" Selena asked, looking at me. I looked down fiddling with my fingers. I didn't want to tell her. Not now. 

"I don-don't want to t-talk about i-it, ple-please respect that" I replied. Please Selena just understand. She nodded and mumbled okay. We had somehow ended on the kitchen floor. She helped me up and together we walked up the stairs. We walked back into the movie room and watched movies until we both fell asleep at around 5pm. 


I woke up the next morning with a massive headache. I cried myself to sleep yesterday. I was in my bedroom. How did I end up in here? I thought. I swear I feel asleep in the movie room yesterday.

I walked downstairs to see Selena at the kitchen table. 

"Good morning sleepyhead! Had a good sleep?" Selena asked. How is she so smiley in the morning? I have hated mornings with passion the last 21 years. 

I said good morning to her and made myself some breakfast. 

"I have to go to work today and I want you to come with me!" Selena said casually. I nodded and walked up to my room to take a shower and get dressed. "Be ready in 20 minutes!" Selena yelled from the kitchen. I yelled back an okay and walked into my bathroom. I didn't eat my food.

I washed my body and hair and walked out of the shower. I dried myself of and blow dried my new short hair. 

I walked into my walk-in closet and picket out a pair of ripped jeans and a cute purple blouse. I put on my purple converse and walked out of my room and down the stair. I saw Selena stand by the door in a pair of ripped shorts and a white tank top. On her feet she had black converse. 

We both had our sunglasses on as we walked out of the house and towards Selena car.


Walking into the big building I could help but feel a little nervous and scared. Nervous because I was gonna meet new people and scared because of the letter from yesterday morning. 

Selena's P.O.V

I was so excited about today. I was going to record some songs to my new album. I had also talked to my manager and staff about letting Rebecca sing something. I know she's an amazing singer but I also know that she doesn't believe that. 

I know she wants to be an actress, but if she becomes famous a singer she will get opportunities for sure.

Me and Rebecca walked into the big building and Becca followed me as I greeted Mary, the secretary, and walked towards my recording studio.


Rebecca clapped as I finished recording my last song. She had many times told me how amazing my voice and songs were. Now it's my turn to compliment her. 

"Rebecca what do you say about singing a song for us?"

Rebecca's P.O.V

"Rebecca what do you say about singing a song for us?" Selena asked. 

What? She wants me to sing. In a studio. In front of professional music people. And in front of my famous sister. No way! 

"No way Selena!" I didn't want to make a total fool out of myself.

"Aw come on Rebecca, just this once? I promise it will be fun!" Selena pleaded.

 I know I shouldn't have said yes because now in the booth almost peeing my pants. I have picked out the song I'm going to sing. I have chosen Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper' because like I said I am a big fan of hers and 'Skyscraper' is one of my favorite songs. 

The man on the other side of glass asked me through the headphones, I was wearing, if I was ready. I nodded and the intro started. 

"Skies are crying, I am watching.." In the start of the song I didn't sing very loud, but through out the song I felt an unfamiliar confident bubble up inside of me and my voice became louder and more confident. I actually began enjoying myself. 

I have always loved singing but never actually found myself good. I know I've said that I have never sung in front of anyone before but that's not true. Besides right now, I was in my old schools talent shows once in, like, 5 grade. I were singing a song I had wrote myself but let's just say it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. 

As the song came to an end I opened my eyes the see the man smiling as motioned for me to come out. I took of the headphones and stepped out of the booth. 

The man, which I was told is named Dan, came up to me and said: "Wow kid, you have some lungs!" I couldn't help but laugh at his choose of words, but I thanked him anyway, because I wanted to be polite to the man I'm probably going to be seeing more often.

I looked over at Selena to see her widen eyes and mouth nearly touching the red carpet floor. I walked over to her and waved my hand in front of her frozen face. I blinked and almost screamed: "That was freaking amazing! Damn girl, your voice is so powerful and emotional that you almost made me cry!" She hugged me and I hugged her back. Together we jumped around, squealing like the day we first meet.  

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