Secrets *EDITING*

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happens along the way to success. *A One Direction lovestory* *A Selena Gomez twin story*


7. Chapter 7

I woke up to someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to see Louis. Oh so I wasn't dreaming. Saying thanks to him I sat up. "We are landing in 10 minutes Selena so I suggest you wake up your sister." Louis said packing up his stuff. I looked over at Selena to see her still sleeping.

Shaking her I called her by my name. "Becca. Becca! Rebecca!!" I said shaking her harder for every time I said her-my name. It's so confusing.

Finally she opened her eyes looking at me. "Rebecca we land in 10 minutes." I said to her giving her a look. When she saw Louis she made an 'Oh' sound and nodded. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

15 minutes later the plane had hit the ground and we were on our way out. With our duffle back in hand, me and Selena walked out of the plane with our identical sunglasses on. Everything about me and Selena is identical except of our clothes. I had on a purple skirt and a white tank top. Selena had on a pair of short jean shorts and a blue crop top. Being identical is really annoying at times but it's fun to see people's reaction and pretending to be each other.

As we stepped out of the plane we were instantly bombarded with flashes from cameras and screaming fans. Some of them were here because of Selena and some of them were here because of the One Direction boys, with were unfortunately walking behind me and Selena.

Security came as me and Selena walked over to grab our suitcases. The paparazzi were yelling questions at us. Some were like:

"Selena is it true you have a sister?"

"Selena! Selena look over here!"

"Is it true you are pregnant?" What the heck?!

"Are you together with Harry Styles from One Direction?"

And one of the favorites: "Why are there two of you?" It's the question we heard the most and I heard Selena laugh a little. "What?" I asked her as we were escorted our of the airport by the security. "It's just the questions. They get more and more unrealistic by the minute! So I look pregnant to you?" She asked giggling. I saw something in her eyes, but it was gone as soon as it got there. I giggled a little but I was still thinking about the thing in her eye. I think it was hurt? Or maybe anger? Who would she be angry with? Me? Herself? I'm sure it's the paparazzi, I mean, I would be angry too if someone called me pregnant when I wasn't.

We walked to the car in silence except for the sound of wheels running on the asphalt. "So what are we doing today?" I asked. It was only 2pm. "I don't really know. What do you want to do?" Selena asked looking at me smiling. "I was thinking about going to the mall. You wanna come?" I asked. We reached the car and the driver, Selena's driver, was there and put our luggage into the trunk as me and Selena sat in the car. "No thanks Becca. I'm tired and I thought of going to sleep. But have a nice shopping trip!" She said. Suuuuure. She has been sleeping the whole time. She was sleeping when I went to sleep and still sleeping when Louis awoke me. Whatever. When it's just me shopping all by my self. Yay! *note the sarcasm*

When the driver came near a shopping center I asked him to stop and he did. Selena offered me one of her credit cards because she knew I didn't have any money so after a good 10 minutes of her demanding me to take her credit card I finally did.

As I walked out of the car I put on my sunglasses. Just in case someone actually recognize me and thinks I'm Selena Gomez I learned her autograph.

The shopping center was pretty full but when I think about it, it is a Saturday afternoon. After a few hours of shopping without getting noticed my good luck changed because a group consisting of five teenage girls with Selena's face printed on their shirts came walking up to me.

"Are you Selena Gomez?" A girl looking around the age of 15 asked. They all looked so cute I couldn't resist so I nodded and took of my sunglasses remembering to use the hand with the tattoo as little as possible.

The girls squealed then they saw it was me, or actually Selena, it's confusing.

"Can we get and autograph and a picture?" The same girl from before asked.

"Of course sweetie!" I answered being sure to sound like Selena by use her accent and way to talk which is a bit different from mine. I took a picture with each of the girls and signed their t-shits. I was really satisfied when all the autographs looked the same as Selena taught me. It's nice to make little girls happy.

"You're good at this" A very familiar voice said from behind me as the girl walked away squealing and giggling. I put on my sunglasses and turned around.

"Good at what?" I asked him clueless still pretending to be Selena.

"Pretending to be Selena. You could be a great actress you know." He said as if it was obvious. How did he know?

"How did you find out?" I asked giving in.

"The tattoo. I saw it when you were signing the autographs. I saw it on the plane." He answered getting that unreadable looked in his eyes. He is smarter than I thought.

"Why didn't you tell them it wasn't me? Why didn't you say it to me on the plane?" I asked genuinely confused. Why didn't he just blow my cover. Why did he make me fell like an idiot on the whole plane ride?

"Honestly if I didn't see the tattoo I would have thought you were Selena 100% and I have been best friends with her for 2 years" Louis said. Wow, was the only thing coming into my mind. Sweet! By now I was talking in my normal voice.

"Have a nice day Tommo" I said and walked out of the mall dragging all my shopping bags with me.

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