Secrets *EDITING*

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happens along the way to success. *A One Direction lovestory* *A Selena Gomez twin story*


33. Chapter 33; Selena

Everything have been pretty shitty in the past month. A couple of days after Rebecca woke up, she felt right back into the coma once again. I'm not a doctor or anything but, I think, that it's because of too much stress and worry. She had been really distance and thinking way too much. There you got it; thinking is unhealthy! 

It all just continued as if Rebecca never woke up. Louis and I are the once always here, mom and dad somewhere in the world, doing something stupid, and me being the anti-social, depressed and worthless young adult, I was before. Obviously I haven't done anything in the past month, not one interview, no concerts or any form of activity with any fans. But honestly, I think that's exactly what I need at the moment. To get away from every bad thing happening, and find my happy place and do the one thing I love the most.

I'm continuing the WWP series with the forth and last season. I honestly love that series! I love the staff and the cast. David and Jake is like brothers to me. Annoying older and younger brothers, but the siblings I never thought I would have. Before Rebecca, they were the closest I had on a real family. Along with Jennifer, María and David (DeLuise).

I walked unto the set and was greeted by the love of the staff. 

"Hi Selena, it's good to have you back!" The director said to me as he walked past. I nodded at him and walked backstage to the dressing room. 

"Selena!" I heard two very familiar voices say, as I walked into the huge dressing room. 

"David! Jake!" I shouted back at them, as I was crowded in a group hug. 

"How are you?" David asked as we pulled away from the hug. My smile vanished a little as shrugged my shoulders.

"Hey, are you okay?" David asked. He was the overprotective kind of guy. I just faked a smile and nodded my head. He gave me a look. 

"Yes! I'm fine!" I assured him with a little laugh. "But I've missed you guys!"

"We've missed you too, Selena!" Jake said and hugged me, taking me by surprise. 

The three of us talked for awhile, before we were called to the set. But before I could walked out of the dressing room, David pulled me to the side. 

"Selena, I know somethings bugging you. I want you to know, that I'll always be there for you. No matter what, you can always come to me!" David said, all in one breath. I smiled and hugged him. 

"I know, David. I know," I said and walked onto the set. 

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