Secrets *EDITING*

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happens along the way to success. *A One Direction lovestory* *A Selena Gomez twin story*


24. Chapter 24

Tired, exhausted, pained and sore I was laying on the hard linoleum floor. It fells like a year since I've been outside. I've been in a grey cell like think with no windows and a hardly lightning lamp for only god knows how long. A sudden feeling blossomed inside me.


I was 16 and I just got my first ever boyfriend. I was more happy than I've ever been. That was until the Aiden I know today came out.

Aiden was my first boyfriend ever. I'm never going to forget about the month I was happy with him, and that's the worst part of it. He was a sweetheart in the start, and he always made me feel safe, but suddenly a day, he just snapped.

I sighed as I thought through the things he did to me. Rape, name calling, beatings and so on. That's what have been filling the past 5 years of my life.

"Good morning my love!" Que. the tears. I never really bother to his them. There's no point in it anyway.

(( I know it's a lot of the same with Rebecca, but I'm working on it, don't worry!:)))

Selena's POV

"Are you feeling better now?" Vanessa asked and looked at me from across the room. I nodded really fast and continued eating like I've never seen food before. Vanessa just giggle at me. I smiled and finished my food.

"You remember the plan, right?" Vanessa asked. I nodded and walked up to her. I gave her a hug. I'm not mad at her or anything anymore.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Vanessa asked and gripped my shoulders. I looked her dead in he eyes.

"Positive!" She gave me a worried look and walked out the the cell. I took at deep breath and sat on the floor in the middle at the cell.

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