Secrets *EDITING*

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happens along the way to success. *A One Direction lovestory* *A Selena Gomez twin story*


18. Chapter 18

"Shut up!"

Oh my gosh!

I looked up at Aidens angry face. 

"Haven't I told you to keep quiet!" Aiden screamed in Selena's face. 

"No," Selena said in a very quiet voice. Worst thing to do Selena.

"Oh yeah, you're the little sluts twin sister, the famous one. Oh this is going to do fun," said Aiden and did some weird, scary, deep laugh while rolling up his sleeves. Freak. I couldn't help but snort. Aiden looked at me with evil eyes. 

"Do you have anything to say, slut?" He spat. I quickly shook my head, but that wasn't enough. 

"Talk when I ask you something!" He yelled at me. 

"Yes, I'm sorry!" I whimpered under his hard gaze. 

And he hit me without any particulate reason. I didn't say anything. I've been through so much, that a slap is nothing. There's no reason to cry. But I can't say that to Selena. The poor girl doesn't know what has been going on in my fucked up life. 

"Don't talk to me!" He continued yelling.

Dude! Make up your damn mind! 

"What did you say?" He asked in a dangerous low voice. Fuck! I said it out loud, didn't I?

"Nothing Aiden. I said nothing!" I said in a low monotone. 

Slap.. "Whore!" 

Kick.. "Worthless!"

Slap.. "Pathetic!"

Kick.. "Slut!"

Kick.. "Hoe!"

I was now laying, on my side, on the floor, while Aiden hit me and kicked me. Selena was yelling, but Aiden did nothing else but tell her to shut up.


She doesn't deserve this.

A single tear trickled slowly down my right cheek as I felt the pain in my stomach. I'm going to throw up if he doesn't stop. 

Stupid pain! Stupid Aiden! Stupid life! Stupid everything! I yelled to myself in my mind. 

Aiden just kick harder and laughed louder as he saw me crying. 

"Serves you right bitch!" He laughed at me. I couldn't agree more, as bad as it sounds. 

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