Secrets *EDITING*

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happens along the way to success. *A One Direction lovestory* *A Selena Gomez twin story*


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10!! :O Enjoy! :)


It's been a week since I first sang in the studio. I have to admit that I love to sing! I have done it all the time since then. I think Selena is getting tired of me. I still don't get why they think I'm good, mean, I got offered a freaking contract! Come on, I'm not that good! I had nicely rejected the offer, but Selena reassured them that I just needed to think about it. I don't need to think about it! I don't want the job. I don't want to be famous. I'm perfectly fine with being known as Selena's twin sister. I have nothing against being in my sisters shadow. Maybe it's just the nerves talking, but I don't know.

I have thought about it a lot but I came to the conclusion that I don't want to. I have told Selena about it and she said it was okay and that I should really think about it. "It's like a once in a lifetime", was her words. But it's not worth it. My secret will come out at some point. Everyone will be against me and I will be judged. Selena will probably hate me too if she discovers the truth. Heck I would even hate myself! Not that it is going to matter because I don't like myself anyway.

Now that we talk about music. I haven't heard from Louis at all since that day in the mall and that have to be at least, what, 2 or 3 days ago? Okay I'm feeling a little desperate. It seems longer. I'll have to text him sometime. Unless he texts me first, but I'm sure he's busy doing whatever celebrities' doing nowadays.

I'm walking through the streets of LA in search for a hairdresser. I want to get dark highlights in my short hair. I have my sunglasses on so I wouldn't be recognized. 

I finally found a nice looking hairdressing salon for women. I smiled to myself and walked inside. I walked up at the front disk to see a woman probably in her late twenties with really nice hair! Even for a hairdresser. She have long golden blonde wavy hair. It's so luxurious, shinny and healthy looking. 

"Hi! Welcome to Salon 32 my name is Vanessa," Vanessa said, in a way too preppy tone with a smile on her face.

"Hi Vanessa. I'm Rebecca and I would like to get my hair done," I smiled and took of my sunglasses. As I put them in my bag I heard someone gasp. I looked up to see Vanessa's smile was much bigger. If that's even possible. 

"Uh. O-Of course Miss Gomez. Come with me this way," She said, grinning at me. I guess she knew who I was.

I followed her to one of those hairdresser chairs and sat down. I got a type of cape on with the salons name on it. 


Two hours and a preppy hairdresser later and I was done. I actually really like it! 

"You look fabulous Rebecca!" Vanessa said, grinning at me. I thanked her and together we walked up to the cash register. I payed and gave her a piece of paper. She opened it and looked up at me in confusion.

"It's my number. Call me sometime, okay?" I smiled and walked out the door. Before I closed to door I heard squealing. I giggled to myself and began walking again. Over the past hours we talked and got to know each other. She's actually really nice. If you see past the preppy girl you will see a small insecure girl

I didn't put on my sunglasses 'cause hey, I'm in LA. There's a lot of other celebrities here. I didn't really realize, that I could meet other famous people .. Oh well. 

I walked through the streets of LA once again. I wanted to explore LA for the day because it seems like I'm staying here.

*~*~*~* I know absolutely nothing about LA *~*~*~*

The sun was about the set so I decided to go home. LA is such an amazing city. With the lights, the people, the shopping opportunities, everything.

I meet a few fans today. They were really nice and chill. Of course they asked if I was Selena, just to be sure, but then I say no and told them I was her sister Rebecca, they were okay with it. They wanted a picture and an autograph with me anyway. They have already meet Selena.

I have only ever made Selena autograph so I was a little unsure. But it ended well, even though I was close to writing Selena signature, instead of my own.

But the funny thing was, that it was the same girls I/Selena meet in the mall back home. It seems so unlikely but oh well. We talked for a bit and they were off. They are such sweet girls.


That night, when I was supposed to be sleeping, I lied awake. I was thinking about the contract offer.

The contract is such an amazing opportunity! I just don't want my life to change, you know. I want it to be like it is now. I have a Selena, my lovely sister, I had Louis, as my friend and maybe even Vanessa as good girl friend.

I don't really want to get famous. But I already am, sort of, because I'm Selena's identical twin sister. And I'm okay with that. I don't want a luxurious life. I want a normal life, with parents that loves me and siblings, that I don't get along with but love anyway. I want friends and a boyfriend that loves me for who I am, not for what I have or the family I'm from.

If I accept that contract it will all surely change. If I get famous(which I don't think so) people will treat me differently. There will be the people that are my "friends" just because I'm famous or because of my sister. And I don't want that!

From what Selena has told me, she experience a lot of fake friends and fake relationships, just because she's famous. I know she's not pressuring me to accept the contract or anything, but I just feel like she is. Like, I own her that much even though she doesn't really have anything to do with it.

And then there is Louis.

He seems really sweet and all but he's famous. I already gets hate for being seen with him and they don't even know if it's me!

If I ever get together with him(which I don't think ever will happened) I will just end up getting hurt. The pressure from the fans and the hate will either break me or he will just get tired of me. It has happened before. It's not anything new.

I felt the tears flood down my cheeks as I thought of all the terrible things that have happened. All the horrible, nasty and disgusting things I have done.

Before I knew it I was sobbing into my pillow. I hope no one will hear me. I don't really feel like explaining.

I fell asleep cuddling into my pillows and crying my eyes out. All night my dreams were full of the things I have done and the faces. The horrible faces that's haunting me.

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