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10. 9



Shit, there was a car. Rory and I were walking in the middle of the street. (Rory's idea, not mine) She thought it would be fun to not walk on the edge of the road where any normal person would. I agreed because I knew that for a fact that there was no cars that drove on this road. I would know cause this road is right by my window and I never heard any cars or trucks drive past.


Rory looked behind us and stopped walking with me. The fuck was she doing, you can't just stop walking in the middle of the street when there is a vehicle driving up behind you.


"Holy shit that is a fine ass truck" Rory was looking at in amazement as the truck came to a stop. I turned around to drag Rory off to the side of the road to get out of the way, but I do have to admit that truck must've cost a fortune. It was a white Escalade, and the windows were totally tainted so you couldn't see anything, not that I would care who's inside anyways.


I pulled my left hand up to my eyes, blocking the shine from the headlights, and my other hand reached for Rory's arm. She pulled her arm away from my grip and walked forwards a little towards the white Escalade.


"Rory what the fuck are you doing we have to get out of their way.''


"Shut up. Come on, lets walk up to the truck, lets see where they're going."  she looked at me and then looked back at the truck. "they could be going to the same place that we're going."


Was she out of her mind? Did her parents teach her nothing as a child?

"Damn it Rory get your fucking ass over here"

She didn't listen to me but instead walked over to the white truck, which now the drivers side window was being rolled down.

I blew some air from my mouth and walked over to Rory, who was now resting her arms on top of the rolled down window, one knee bent and the other one straight. She was twirling her hair around her finger, which was a sign that she was flirting with whoever it was that was inside of the vehicle. They were probably a little pissed and quite weirded out that some random girls walking in the middle of a non busy street stopped walking and went to their car window. Well at least I know that I would be.

"So, where are you headed?" Rory said maybe just a little to flirtatiously. As I got closer, I noticed that some kind of smoke was slowly and effortlessly making its way out of the window.

(lolololol sorry for ending the chapter like this but I'm gonna make a new one right after this love ya!)

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