Idek dude, it's about 1D and 5sauce ��


8. 7


(AN: so sorry if there's any errors, I'm writing this on my new phone lol ily 😘)


I was glad that it was a Friday, actually cause today, out of any other day of the week was when; while me and my friends were still drunk from partying and if we got kicked out of the hosts place, which we most likely would, we  would go to different stores around town and see how many that we would get kicked out of. Immature I know, but like I said, we were drunk and maybe (in this case maybe is being a little understated here) a little high.

When we went out, we had one simple rule: Do not bring anything important with you. Cause I mean, if you loose something while you're out partying, you're never getting that shit back, ever. Personally I never bring my phone along with me, nor my car. Cause when you don't have those things, it just, allows you to just, breathe and have more fun without having to worry about them being stolen every five seconds. (< lol 5SOS)

"Come on lil bitch" Rory said with slouched shoulders. What? Did she think that I was taking too long or something cause I sure as hell wasn't.

"Fuck you" I said looking in the mirror and adjusting my brunette hair. We both started laughing at ourselves. I never even would've started swearing if it wasn't for them, but its not like I was complaining or anything, it was quite fun actually.

We had to sneak out my window because we never knew if my grandma had came home or not. I doubt she would be home this early but if she was and had caught me leaving and Rory being over here she'd flip. The only good things about my room is that you couldn't see it from the road that my grandma would take. You also couldn't see it from the driveway either, and also another good thing about it was that it was ground level.

Me and Rory proceeded to make our way over to the window, me letting her out first. After she got out she started walking across my backyard to the street that was almost perfectly parallel to my window. Usual Rory, leaving me behind.


(A.N. again I,m sorry if this was really bad, which it is, just ugh.. other than that, enjoy I guess.)


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