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6. 6

"Rory, I'm not going to a party." I said crossing my arms over my chest and walked away from her. Honestly, any other night I would've gone but tonight I just wanted to watch a movie or something.

"What? Oh come on Twisted, I know that you want to go.''

I looked down at my feet. Every time that we went to parties we would always get drunk and sometimes smoked a little of something. Lucky for me, my grandma didn't give two shits about what I looked like or in my case, what I smelled like.

"Cant we just do something else? Like get frozen yogurt or something?"

I looked back at Rory who was looking at me with this "are you fucking serious?'' look.  Sometimes she can be a little not understanding.

"Uh, no we cant. What, are you afraid of going to parties now?" she scoffed. I honestly just didn't want to go out. It was a Friday night, which meant that whatever place we went out to would be over packed with people. But if I didn't go, I would get shit from my friends. I really have no other way out of this.

"No I'm not. I just, I just really don't see the point to going to someone's house when I could just be at my own, private house." Ruby had wandered casually back into my room, but when she noticed that I had a visitor, she left way faster than she came in. "And plus, how do we know if they will let us crash at their place, what if they kick us out?" Once I said that, I realized what the answer was. And I also knew that Rory will just love to point out my lack of knowledge on a subject that we did almost every week for almost a year now. I didn't need her shit tonight so I spoke up before she had the chance. "But if we're going out I need something sexy to wear." She screamed. Like, screamed, really loudly. She always did that when she got her way. It was honestly annoying.

"Jesus Rory, somebody is probably going to call the cops on us." I said laughing, heading over to my closet. I didn't want to be to reveling, yet I wanted to show some cleavage, if that made any sense at all.

"How bout this?" I had grabbed a bra top thingy with spike studs and skull hands. Now, don't judge me for having this, it was only $15 so why not?

"Oh my fucking god, hell yes!" I was a little taken back by her attitude for this thing but I guess that's just her. I tossed it to my bed where she had been sitting.

"I love this, where did you get this?"

"Oh, I ordered it offline." I smiled and looked at her. She was really in love with it, I think she even wanted to marry it. as if that was even possible.

I turned back around and grabbed my skinny jeans and some heals. I threw them at Rory, who was to busy admiring my bra top to notice the articles of clothing be thrown at her.

"Rory" I said and she looked up just as the clothes had hit her face. I started laughing as she called me a stupid bitch, throwing the clothes next to her on the bed. I didn't get mad her for calling me things like that anymore because she had always called me that ever since she started being friends with me.

"I'm gonna go put some makeup on and then we can leave"

"You should put your piercings in" Rory suggested.

"Oh, good idea girl" I said smiling. I walked past her and grabbed my piercings. I had a lip, tongue, nose and a belly piercing. In my opinion they were stupid but my 'friends' thought they were hot so I just "Had to get them". See, I told you that I wasn't my real self around them.

"What kind of makeup are you gonna do?" she followed me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

I shrugged "I don't know, probably an emo eye and some really dark red lipstick."

"Oooo, dark Twisted, I like it" she laughed. "Hey, can I use some makeup to touch up mine?''

She had enough makeup on and she was starting to look more like Barbie every second but I kept my mouth shut. She grabbed for the blush and loaded it on her face, making her slightly look like a tomato. She swore a lot when she put makeup on because her blonde hair had always gotten in the way but in my opinion it was quite funny. Her hair was straight whereas mine was just slightly wavy.

I had finished my makeup and was putting my piercings on. First the tongue, then the lip a then the belly one. I left out my nose piercing because I had lost it and was going to get another one soon. Then, I headed into my room, with Rory following behind me like a lost puppy and put on my 'outfit' that I picked out just before. I was totally okay with changing in front of people because I mean, they've all seen a girl change before, it wasn't anything special or new.

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