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5. 5

Ugh, I was so bored.

Ruby had left my room and it was now 7:46 p.m. Rory hadn't answered any of my two calls so I just thought that she was.... preoccupied with... someone...

*tap tap*

I looked at where the noise was coming from, which was my window.

*tap tap*

"Come on Twisted, I know that you're in there." the voice loudly whispered.

Well, whoever it was wanted to see me, and also I knew that it would be one of my friends because only they would know my 'name' in this town. And I also don't think that my grandma would want to climb through a window so I could take her off my list of possibilities.

I instantly got to my feet, grabbing something to cover my arms with because it had started to get just a little colder out. (Pic above! Sorry if you can't see it!)

I grabbed the metal latch that had held my window down securely and pulled it up. It was only Rory, making me a little bit less bored.

"Hey Rory." I said leaning my elbows on the window. I rested my head on the glass of the window, instantly adjusting to the coldness of it.

"Hey, can you let me in. It's freezing out" 

"Yeah sure. But why didn't you just knock on the front door?"

"Cuase I didn't know if that old bag was here or not'' she said rubbing her arms and stepping forward. She reached forward and I grabbed her hands, helping her inside my window. I do have to admit that when my friends made fun of my grandma that I felt a little bit sorry for her. She didn't do anything wrong and I don't think that if my friends knew that if she never agreed to taking me in as a guardian, I wouldn't be here. But I could never say anything about it to them because none of them knew anything about me or why I was here.

"Well she's not" I said sitting down on the edge of my bed.

"So, why'd you call me before?" Rory asked, walking over to my closet. That's was something that she always did every time that she came over. She was amazed at how many clothes that I had, and always judged me for it.  "And why do you have so much plaid clothing. It looks like a boom went off and exploded plaid.''

I got up from my bed and walked over to my chest of drawers, closing the one drawer that I had left open from this morning.
"First off, I called you before cause I was bored off my ass, and to answer your second question, you should know by now why I have so much plaid. You ask me that question every single time that you come over."

She turned away from my closet and looked at me, shrugging her shoulders.

"So, that doesn't mean that I was paying attention."  She walked over to my bed and flopped down on, sprawling her arms and legs apart.

"Ugh, fine. The reason that I have so much plaid is because it was one of the first things that I saw when I was able to see colors. And you better have payed attenetion cause that is the last time that I will explain that to you."

"Ooo sassy frassy" she said sitting up from my bed.

All that I could do was roll my eyes. She was being so unreasonable. Well, at least in my opinion.

"So, wanna go partying?"

"What? You know how strict my grandma is."

"You said that you were bored outta your mind, and I really wanna go partying. And plus, you need to find someone Twisted, you've been alone for how long now?"

"Oh shutup." I said, crossing my arms over my chest. She was talking about my relationship with some dude named Hunter that I soonly ended because he had cheated on me. Douche.

I walked over to my mirror and looked at my reflection, not taking long for me to not like what I see. I grabbed my 'belly' and tried to grab my fat and move it around. I could see Rory in the reflection also, but instead of looking at her own reflection she was placing dresses over my body. Surely I would look like a fucking whale in her choices. Or in anyone's choices.


(AN: OMFG HEY GUYS! So, sorry if  there's anything wrong with this, I'm basically writing this on five hours of sleep. But whatever, ENJOY MA BITCHES! <3 )


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