Idek dude, it's about 1D and 5sauce ��


4. 4

Tonight was just like any other night: Busy and boring. The downside to living here was because this stupid band had come from here. The band's name was One Direction, and if you had stopped any random teenager on the street and ask them why they were here, over half of them would say "One Direction. Duh!"

My grandma was out with her friends again, which meant that she wouldn't be back here till like, twelve o'clock. It was kind of strange to me that a 60 year old woman had more of a social life than me.

I stopped twirling my ring and looked at my alarm clock, noticing that it was only 6:56 p.m. I wonder if Rory would want to hangout? Oh, and by the way, Rory is one of my few good friends. Even though she was a good friend of mine, even she didn't know about my past.

I hadn't noticed how long I had been staring at my alarm clock until I had felt something furry rub against my shin. It was my cat Ruby. Ruby jumped up next to me and the end of her tail slapped against my forearm. My grandma had let me pick her out when I was seven years old. I loved how the colors of her soft coat had switched off in different patches of brown, black and a tanish color. She was my friend back then, and she still is. I know that it's kind of weird having a cat as a friend but she was the only living thing in the dead walls off this, this prison. I wasn't allowed out after dark, but that rule was basically just a grain of salt to me.

Ruby came back over to me and rubbed her sides against my forearm again, this time leaving a trail of goose bumps. I grabbed her sides and pulled her onto my lap, petting her even more.

"Hi there Ruby, how is everything going tonight in the cat world?" She didn't pay attention to my question and instead swiped her paw at a stray strand of my naturally curly and brunette hair. I let out a small giggle. She usually did something like that, whether it was just a strand of hair or a string of yarn, which was her all time favorite. She was just so cute and I couldn't get over that. Lame, I know.

(AN: Hi guys! Or girls.. whatever you are! lol you're still fab either way. OooooOOOOoook! So sorry if this chapter was kind of suckish or short. Or boring. Sorry! I was trying to find out how to add pictures from Polyvore, so when I get that figured out you can view the outfits. Yay! So other than that, just know that I love ya!)

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