Idek dude, it's about 1D and 5sauce ��


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Fast forward twelve years. I was now working at the local grocery store, being paid at about minimum wage. That was just enough to get me through buying new clothes, with I tended to need a lot. Now, I'm not saying that my grandma is poor or anything, hell, she's far from it. She never was home a lot because she always had a place to be, whether it was a business party or just a night out with her 'friends'.

Anyways, back to me always needing new clothes. The only reason that I'm always needing new clothes is because whenever my grandma had a new business party to go to, which was practically three times a week, she made me go along with her. Now, you might be asking "Why doesn't her grandma just buy the clothes for her?" Well, here is my answer: Ever since she found out that I had gotten a job, she practically just cut me off from her money. Which had sucked. A lot. And it sort of forced me to actually get out of the house, which was something that I never did. I guess that I was glad that I got out of the house cause I made new friends, and my new friends taught me how to skateboard. Aaaaand long story short, skateboarding is now my life.

My friends always teased me though. They teased me because I had always had an 'obsession' with plaid. They didn't know about the story of my past, and why plaid was such an important thing to me. I guess that I never became my true self around them, which was one of the downsides to being friends with them. But hey, I guess that I shouldn't complain about having friends, I mean, some people don't even have any friends.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, my name is Nikki by the way, but my friends know me as 'Twisted'.

I know that my past may seem confusing now, but you'll soon understand. But, until then, you'll just have to stay with me and learn about me. Unlike everyone else. Maybe this time someone will stay? Ha, doubt it. But maybe if I seem interesting enough to you, you'll want to hangout with me? Sounds like a plan to me!

(AN: I know that it may seem boring now but it'll get better. And it may seem confusing right now, but just give me a chance, ok? lol love ya! Oh yeah, and will you maybe think of following me in Instagram? My username on there is @umwhore )

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