Why?……Why does he keep hurting me………..it hurts……..i hate it…..i want to die……
Why do you do this? Do you enjoy seeing me in pain? Do you just have the need to put me down? For me to have suicidal thoughts? To make me cut? To make me want to die? Well, if its any of those…..you've succeeded. I hope your enjoying yourself……...


4. Rodrigo

Rodrigo's PoV

 (*New character's PoV*)

"Where is it? Where is it?" I quietly mumble to myself. Looking left and right, walking down the hallways, searching for room 204. I'm already late. My footsteps echoing through the empty hallway. I start running, but as I turn the corner I hit someone, knocking them to the ground.

"I... I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!" She sobbed then, so quietly I almost didn't hear her. It was a girl with bright red hair wearing a matching colored outfit. She looked at me. Red eyes. Must be contacts. Either way, they were beautiful. But why would she think I would hurt her?

"Why would I hurt you? It was my fault anyway. I should be the one saying sorry!" I say, surprised, outstretching my hand to her. She hesitates but eventually grabs it. I pull her up with ease, she was really light.

She looks at me with a strange expression. Hope? Amazement?

"You're new here, aren't you?" she asks,  her voice quiet but strong. She takes a step back. I can feel her shutting me out. She looks scared to be such a beautiful girl.

"Yeah", I say, and then, trying to get her to talk to me,

"I'm Rodrigo. Are you okay?" I ask hesitantly, carefully, like talking to a kitten or  small child. She looks just as fragile, and I don't want to scare her.

"Not much worse than normal. I guess this is better than being bullied or hurt. But I'm just Kai. Don't worry about me." She has said all this looking toward the ground, meekly. I'm curious about her now, she seems really nice. Not the type of girl to be bullied.

"Just Kai? You don't seem to be just anything to me." I respond, nervous for some reason. She looks up at me, but stays silent. I press on.

"Guess what?" I ask smiling at her. I hope it looks nice. She ponders for a moment.

"You hate me now too?" She stares me right in the eye, questioning. Her voice cracks slightly as she talks. Her words sting.

"No, just Kai! You have a new friend!" I say, continuing to smile. Trying to ease the discomfort that she obviously seems to be feeling. I can tell she's in pain, from the way she's shaking and her teeth chattering.

"No! I don't want you to get hurt. You seem like a nice person. I'm not mean or popular enough to be your friend. You're kind, and perfect. Not like me. Just go and join the popular kids and soon you'll be bullying me as well." She says, spitefully. I lean over and pick a pea from her hair. She flinches. Why would being my friend hurt me? Im actually quite curious about that as well.

"Of course I'm not going to do that! Anyone who bullies you is no friend of mine. I'm sure you're better than them!" I wonder why these people are cruel to her. She seems really nice. Even when she has no friends, she doesn't want me to get hurt. She might be the most selfless person I've met.

"No! Anybody I hang out with or even speak to gets bullied. You don't want that." She says, looking down. Retreating into her shell. I don't know why, but I have the sudden urge to hug her. So, I do. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and squeeze. I give her the best hug I possibly could. Letting it express care, friendship, and hope. She looks at me her eyes big, expressing shock.

"W-what are you doing?" She ask. Obviously not familiar with the gesture.

"It's a hug. You're not going to be hurt anymore. I don't care if I get bullied, but you don't deserve it." I say, releasing her from my embrace. That look of confusion still evident on her face.

"I-I can't remember the last time I had a hug." She says, a smile tugging on her lips. Oh, I'm getting somewhere.

"Guess what else?" I ask nudging her slightly. She emitted a slight giggle. Gosh, this girl is crazy.

"What?" She asks me, referring to my question. 

"You are hanging out with me and my sister today." I say. Grinning from ear to ear. Her face lights up and she smiles the biggest smile ever. Then her face saddens then turns to pure terror. What is it she is so scared of?

"What's wrong?" I ask. Resting my hand on her shoulder. Its a gesture of concern.

"I can't. I'm sorry." She says. Her face frozen from the terror that still lingers on her features.

"Why?" I ask. Wanting to know if I can prevent her from being scared again. I barely know her and I'm concerned and worried for her.

"I c-cant tell you!" She exclaims. Backing away. I step closer, she only backs away faster.

"Please. I want to he-" I was cut off by a bell. The rest of the students swarm through the halls. I try to keep sight of her but she's gone. I sigh. I really thought I was getting somewhere with her. I'll find her tomorrow. I will not give up. She is too nice to be treated so badly. I look at my schedule. I guess I'm too late for class 204. Oh well, I never liked French anyway. But I've got no more classes today. I'll just go home and make a few plans. I'm gonna help her.



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