Why?……Why does he keep hurting me………..it hurts……..i hate it…..i want to die……
Why do you do this? Do you enjoy seeing me in pain? Do you just have the need to put me down? For me to have suicidal thoughts? To make me cut? To make me want to die? Well, if its any of those…..you've succeeded. I hope your enjoying yourself……...


3. Lunch

Kai's PoV

Lunch break is a time of fun, games, and friendship, of food, and playing, and love. But not for me. Never for me. Suddenly, my tray is pushed into my face. There is laughter all around me, but Patricia is standing there, completely sincere. 

"Oh my God, are you alright?" She asks, the sweetness in her voice contrasted by the sneer she gives me.

"I'm, like, sooo sorry, it was an accident! Hey! Don't laugh! I think Kai here looks very good with meatball on her face!" And suddenly, the facade is broken, and Patricia is laughing along with the rest of them. My fists clench, and my knuckles whiten. Maybe I need Mondrago, but I sure as hell don't need Patricia. What have I ever done to her? I wish she would just go away. Or better yet, die. I place my tray on a nearby table, carefully, making sure I don't flip out at people. They'll just hate me more. Slowly, I walk out of the canteen, and when I am sure I am out of eyesight, I start running. Tears trickle down my eyes and splash onto the marble floor below. Why? The word contains such power behind it, just that single word. Why are they doing this to me? Why am I letting them? Why do they hate me? Why do I care?  Why is it me that has to live with this? WHY!?


Patricia's PoV *You're welcome!*

I continue to laugh long after she is gone. I can't believe I was ever friends with her! She is so pathetic. Running around acting innocent. Although I am quite surprised she hasn't said anything back quite yet. She used to be so open.


"Wait up Trisha!" Kai yells panting finally catching up and running along side me. We laugh and we slow to a stop.

"Wanna take a break?" I ask, my mouth begging for liquid. She nods, still trying to catch her breath. We plop to the ground and just sit there. Enjoying the sun and the grass and each others company. We never have to say anything, we just have to be together. We have a special connection.

"That was fun." Kai says, after catching her breath.

"Yeah, we should do track together." I say smiling. She chuckles. The chuckle she uses whenever she is about to do something funny or say something serious. Her signals are quite mixed, but her mixed signals are what makes her interesting.

"Yeah we should!" She says full of hyperactive enthusiasm. The enthusiasm it took so long to bring out in her. Her innocent 9 year old self. I don't understand why people bully her. It just doesn't make sense to me.

"We should do everything together." I say smiling sincerely.

"Best friends?" She says smiling that smile that complements her features. Her big blue eyes and brown chocolate hair that falls perfectly around her face and shoulders down to her waist in curls.

"Promise me." I say, now super serious. 

"Promise you what?" Kai ask, quite confused. Pondering what I could possibly say. The way her eyebrows knit together and her nose scrunches up in confusion and her head cocks to the side.

"That we will forever be best friends." I say. Her face shows no emotion. I feel hurt. Like a piece of me has just been taken away. I think she is going to reject the promise. My face falls and a I feel as though I'm about to burst into tears. Then all of a sudden she screams. I jerk my head up and look at her. She is standing up and jumping around like a little girl. Well, she is a little girl. She has the biggest smile on her face I've ever seen. Her smile that makes the world want to just smile along with her no matter their situation. I just sit there and look at her.

"I promise! I promise!" She keeps yelling. Then I smile and get up and jump around and smile like an idiot along with her.

My best friend.

*Flashback End*

"Yo, Trish! You ight?" Nad ask me. I hadn't realized I was staring off in space. Everybody was gone. The bell already rang and they left me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Go ahead." He nods and leaves. Kai has changed so much. She wears contacts that make her eyes different colors such as red and purple. And her hair she cut and dyed it. I broke her. But, I'm popular now. I hate her just like all the losers everywhere else.

She is nowhere near my friend.




<3 ~Kai Nightclaw & Rodrigo.R.R.

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