Lost Souls

Olivia was just an ordinary 15 year old girl, one day she woke up with bruises and didn't know where they came from. Until a new boy at school catches her eye.
What does this mean for Olivia?
What does this mean for the new boy at school?
Love is the answer to everything.


12. Chapter Twelve

It's been 2 weeks since Trey told me he has stomach cancer. I was crying for the first week, but I was sick this week.. Waking up running to the toilet to vomit, sometimes it not even when I wake up. I can be at school and it happens out of the blue and I know I'm not sick. It's the regular routine of pregnancy and it's not fun. I didn't get it certified yet but I know my body, and I know what's going on. I'm not stupid. I've talked to Trey about it but I don't want to tell my parents until we know for sure. I think Trish is suspicious of something but I haven't told her yet either.. It's nobody's business except for mine and Trey's.

I decided I should try going to school today, I've been sick Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Which means today is Wednesday, my lucky day. Well, it'll only be lucky if I don't get sick today and I'm able to get a result from a doctor. Trey's taking me after school to the family clinic to get a pregnancy test.

There's part of me that doesn't want a baby, I don't need one.. But another part of me wants one, especially only with Trey because I know he doesn't have a lot of time left and it would be nice knowing he has a family of his own.. A family he created, one me and our baby will always cherish. I'm happy about this, when Trey's gone I'll always have a piece of him in my heart and in my life forever.

I met up with Trey at the main entrance of the school, we had our clinic appointment at 3:45pm. We're running late, it's 3:30pm and the clinic is 15 minutes away from the school.. We're suppose to be there at least 5 minutes before scheduled time so we can sign in. Looks like we have to wait until 4:25pm to get in to see the doctor. I sat on my chair just hoping, preying, wishing that my doctor was a woman I didn't know. Mom's a nurse, so there would be a lot of doctors and nurses she'd know and that I would know.

Me and Trey signed in, "Last name please." The nurse demanded. I looked at Trey and thought, he's never told me his last name, how could I not know his last name? "Munroe.." Trey said awkwardly, "And you, his Girlfriend. Last name." She said. "James. Olivia James and Trey Munroe." I replied. We did our signatures and got called in the doctors office. It was a whiles wait, Trey held my hand the entire time and promised, "Everything's fine, It'll be okay. We'll get through this." I sure hope we will, the last thing I need right now is my boyfriend to not be okay and not be in this with me.

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