Lost Souls

Olivia was just an ordinary 15 year old girl, one day she woke up with bruises and didn't know where they came from. Until a new boy at school catches her eye.
What does this mean for Olivia?
What does this mean for the new boy at school?
Love is the answer to everything.


3. Chapter Three

It's been two weeks since my parents told me, Trey was my soul mate. I still can't believe it, I mean.. The first guy I ever date, is my soul mate? Crazy. I thought about telling Trey, but I'm not sure how he'll react.

Trey was waiting by the school doors for me, I walked over to him and he hugged me so hard I thought my head was bound to fall off. I laugh, "Trey, what was that for?" He looked at me confused and smiling. "What? I can't hug my girl?" Awh, his girl? "Yes, my girl." He said laughing, "Oh my god, I said that out loud didn't I?" I said embarrassed. I waited a few minutes before I said, "Listen Trey, I have something I want to talk to you about.." His smile was gone off his face and he looked a little sick, "You're breaking up with me aren't you? God, I knew I was too big of a loser for you." What? "No Trey, I'm not breaking up with you!" "What is it?" He asked. I'm not sure how to tell him.. "I'm not sure how exactly to say this, so I'll just spit it out.. The reason why our bruises look exactly the same, in the same places is because we're soul mates." His face turned red, so red it was blood.. No, tomato red! Trey came closer to me and kissed me hard on the lips, it was beautiful. His kiss felt like rainbows in the winter, so out of the ordinary yet so beautiful like looking over a mountain peek and seeing all of the blue ocean. "Olivia, I'm glad you're my soul mate." This time I kissed him and ended with a hug.

After school was finished, I invited Trey over for dinner to meet my parents and dinner went well. If perfect existed, that's what it was. I brought Trey up to my room so we could be alone for an hour or so to spend time together but all we did was make out, and it got hot and heated. Trey makes me tingled in places I never even thought about, maybe it's true love. Who am I kidding? We're soul mates, which is true love. "Olivia, I need to tell you something important." Ok, scared now. "What is it?" I replied.

"You make me feel alive like no one else and for that, I have to tell you... I love you. And I'm not just saying this because I want to get in your pants and that's not it at all, well I kind of do but in an 'I love you' way. I want to make love to you but only when you're ready, and even if you'll never be ready I'm okay with that, because I love you." All I could do was smile, laugh and I think I shed a few tears. "I love you too," I said back. And I crawled on to his lap and we kissed until it was time for him to leave.

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