Lost Souls

Olivia was just an ordinary 15 year old girl, one day she woke up with bruises and didn't know where they came from. Until a new boy at school catches her eye.
What does this mean for Olivia?
What does this mean for the new boy at school?
Love is the answer to everything.


6. Chapter Six

It's New Years Eve, and I can't wait to see Trey this evening. It's going to be spectacular. I hope Trey is just as excited as I am. I still have all day for my excitement since it's only 9am, I better get up and do my Sunday chores.

I've done my Sunday chores, it's 2pm now and Trey still hasn't called me. I think I should call him, he's making me worried. I went and dialled his number. One ring... Two rings... Someone picked up. "Hello?" It was Trey, he doesn't sound to good. "Woah, Trey you sound terrible. What's wrong?" I asked. "I'm sick babe, it's nothing to worry about but I don't want to spread my germs to you, I'm so sorry we can't get together tonight." I wish I could go give him comfort but he doesn't want to spread his germs. "That's okay, as soon as you get better we'll get together." I replied. He told me he loved me and I told him I loved him too, and we hung up.

I went on Facebook and seen I had an invite, I opened it and it was an invited to a party tonight at 8:30. I went to check with mom to see if I could go since Trey was sick. "Don't you think Trey would be a little upset that you went to a party without him?" She asked, "Mom, he's sick and he'd want me to at least go out and have fun and not sit around and be sad." I told her. And she replied back with a yes. I called up Trish to see if she would go to the party with me and come over and get ready. "Are you kidding me?!" She said. "Uh, yeah? Why you don't want to go?" "Of COURSE I WANT TO GO." Ok she's freaking out now, "Okay, be here in an hour." And I hung up the phone. I sat down to watch some television waiting for Trish, and seen my favourite show Supernatural was on, it's a repeat. Trish arrived 15 minutes later with nice outfits to choose from for the party. I chose a tight black sparkly dress that went above the knees and half way down my arm, of course I wore tights with it. It's winter, and I'm not a whore. Trish wore a red tube dress with a cardigan and tights too. I just wish Trey was coming and wasn't sick.

We arrived at the party with a lot of stares. I told mom I was staying the night at Trish's house. The party had lots of drinks, mostly alcoholic beverages though. They had party snack trays and more you guessed it, alcohol. We had a few drinks but not really tipsy enough to be drunk, Trish and I had a few slurred words but nothing too dramatic. We ended up leaving the party an hour early because we were tired.

I woke up the next day to my phone ringing, it was Trey. I answered, "Hello?" My voice is scratchy, oh no. "Olivia, what's going on? Why are you still in bed?" What does he mean? "What do you mean Trey?" He sounds mad, "It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and you're still asleep." "I stayed up late with Trish is all. Please Trey, don't be mad at me, you're sick and I had nothing to do so me and Trish made plans." I'm scared now, it was a long pause before he answered, "I'm not mad at you, it's just I'm worried is all. What did you do last night anyway?" I hope he isn't mad we went to a party and had a couple of drinks. "We went to a party." Again another long pause before he said, "Okay, I love you." And then hung up before I could reply.

I walked home at supper time, really sad. I hope this isn't the end of me and Trey, I really do love him and I hope he'll forever still love me.

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