Lost Souls

Olivia was just an ordinary 15 year old girl, one day she woke up with bruises and didn't know where they came from. Until a new boy at school catches her eye.
What does this mean for Olivia?
What does this mean for the new boy at school?
Love is the answer to everything.


15. Chapter Fifteen

I started getting ready for Trey's appointment with the doctor, and I've already gained weight. Seems like 5lbs does a girl good with her jeans, and after 5 months of being pregnant. "Olivia! It's quarter after one, Trey's expecting you in 15 minutes!" Mom yelled to me. I slip into leggings and a hoodie and pull my hair into a ponytail with a little bit of makeup. That should be good enough for a doctors office.

I arrived at Trey's and his mom answered the door, "Hi hunny, Trey's in the dining room." I walk into the dining area and he's sitting at the table, he gets up and greets me with a kiss and hug. "Babe, I'm so glad you're coming with me. I couldn't stand to go without you. I'm scared." He explains. I've never felt more nervous in my life, I don't ever want to let go of him. He's my one, he's the only one. I'm glad now that we're creating a child together, to show our love and prove its real. I will be with him 'til the end, no matter what.

We walked into the doctors office and his mom goes to check us in, "Trey, you're so strong. I love you so much, whatever happens today, I'll still be here and so will you." Trey smiled and couldn't bare to look at me, "I don't know how much longer I have Olivia, I want to meet our child. I don't want to live knowing I'll never meet her." I laughed, "Did you just say 'her'?" I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder. Trey chuckled. "I guess I did." And in that moment, nothing could touch us, we were and always be invincible.

"Trey Munroe, the doctor will see you now." I'm so scared for what he'll say. We walked into the doctors office, and sat waiting until the doctor came in. "Hello, Trey and who is this here with you?" He's asking about me. I spoke up for myself, "I'm his girlfriend, Olivia." The doctor chuckled, "I don't suppose you have to be in here do you? Does she Trey?" Trey looked at him, "Yes, she's the mother of my unborn child. She needs to be in here for reasons." The doctor looked with concern on his face, "Well, Trey, we have the results back from your last exam and it doesn't seem to be good. It's unexplainable for the time being but it's bad, and your time we estimate is around 10 months. But it could be more or less. You're looking at within a year." All Trey did was nod his head. And I had to leave the room, I couldn't stand to be there and let Trey watch me cry, he should be the one upset. He doesn't deserve this.

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