Lost Souls

Olivia was just an ordinary 15 year old girl, one day she woke up with bruises and didn't know where they came from. Until a new boy at school catches her eye.
What does this mean for Olivia?
What does this mean for the new boy at school?
Love is the answer to everything.


18. Chapter Eighteen

Bobby Dunworth. That grin.. He seems-looks, different. "Hi Livy." He said. I stared blankly, swallowing my air, something seems strange about this. "Bobby." I replied. "You're probably wondering what I'm doing here... You see, I heard Trey was in the hospital, and wanted to show my love and support. Prove my worthy." He said. I sighed, "Bobby, do you just not understand? I'm having Trey's child, are you blind?!" Bobby looked around and walked closer towards me, "Olivia, I'm not sure you understand. I love you, and you don't love me back. That puts me in so much pain and I can't bare to deal with it." Hearing him say those words was saddening, it hurt thinking about Trey doing that to me, but I don't love Bobby. "Look, Bobby, you're worth so much, I'm sorry I don't love you back. If I could choose who to love, I would choose you because I know you're great and funny. Love has no choice." He smiled and looked down at his shoes; Bobby laughed looking back into my eyes, "Olivia, I'm sorry I put you through hell. I wish I were the one you wanted, but maybe someday you'll realize that you do want me. I respect that, that isn't today." He then walked away.

Love is all you need? Whoever thought there would be different types of love. There's good love, and there's bad love. The good love is: pure spirituality, loving and caring, and usually being happy; the typical hippy state. Then the bad love: being happy and feeling comfort most of the time, and the rest of the time it's pain. Agonizing crucial pain. Pain that makes you want to die. That pain is Satan in natural form. Anyone who's ever been in love knows what I mean, but the pain is either addicting or it's a resistant. You've been in love once and felt the pain, hated it and you swear off loving again. I wish it were that easy.

I always try to visit Trey everyday, but he's getting worse and neither of us can handle it. He keeps rejecting me. That's not healthy, we're suppose to be soul mates. This whole thing feels like a lie and an entire regret. I wish he never came into my life, it was so much better without him. Now I'm not sure how to feel whole again if he dies. Please just let him stay?

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