Candy, Sparkles, and a lot of Pink

Kiersty "KieKIe" McDonald and Rilie "RiRi" Kimerston are two best friends. Kiersty loves to shop, read, and hang with friends doing girl things. Rilie also likes to shop and hang with her friends, but loves to write and read. They do everything together, but when Rilie doesn't show up to anything they do, Kiersten tries to do wahtever it takes to bring her back. What do Candy, Sparkles, and a lot of Pink have to deal with a story of two best friends? Read the book so you can find out. The awesome cover was made by SMD11200.


1. So Immature - Rilie's POV

Two girls are walking down the hallway toward their next class. One of them is the popular girl who gets all the attention. All the guys desire her. The girls want to be her. That girl who is “so popular” with everyone is best friend, Kiersten McDonald, the most popular and prettiest girl on the planet.

And me? My name is Rilie Kimerston, the “sidekick” to Kiersten. I’m no sidekick. Kiersten and I have been friends since kindergarten. It was her choice to change her look. Last year in eighth grade, she wasn’t the “popular girl” everyone talked about. She was the average girl. But somehow, she became the popular girl. How? I don’t know, luck?

Anyways, we were walking down the hallway and we noticed Luke Lopev, Kiersten’s boyfriend, walking past. She waves at him and he does the same.

“I love him,” she whispers in my ear.

“Why are we whispering?” I whisper back into her ear.

“I don’ know,” she responds.

“Well then. I like to rub a turtle’s back sometimes,” I tell her.

Kiersten stops walking laughs after I said that.

“You know you could be so immature sometimes,” I say as I continue walking down the hallway, “See you later!”

“Yeah!” she shouts. She continues to laugh, “Aren’t you going to help me?”

“Do what?” I ask I walk further down the hall.

“Get up.” Kiersten is now on the floor laughing.

“That’s not my job.” I head into my class and sit down.

What a wonderful start to this day.

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