Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


6. Worst Nando's ever

I grabbed the menu from in between the salt and pepper shakers and skimmed through the two pages of the different food I could have. I made it to the end of the second page and saw a yellow box with warning signs surrounding the border. The text was in small letters but it was still able to read. "The challenge. Eat two of our most spicy chicken sticks in under 1 minute and you get a $50 meal voucher for Nando's." This sounded like a really good idea until I read the bottom bit. "This may result in serious injury. Anything that happens while eating this is taken under your own responsibility and we have nothing to do with it." I started to think but I can deal with spice. Can I? I don't even remember the last time I ate something so spicy. 

I looked up from the menu felling anxious. I looked around at everyone but they all had their heads in their menus thinking so hard about what to get. I turned my head to meet emerald eyes locking into mine. I turned around my already rosy cheeks turning into a tomato. 

After a couple of minutes of friendly talking the waitress came over. She was wearing a red top with a random rooster in the corner just above her left boob with a chilli next to it. On the other side she had a name tag that read Rebecca. "What would you like to order today?" She asked sounding like she had some place better to be. "I'll have the double chicken wrap, mild and hold the lettuce." Niall said as the waitress scribbled down his meal on her writing pad. The waitress went along the table scribbling faster as the meals came bursting in. She turned to me and gave me a piercing look."I'll have a chicken wrap, extra spicy please." The lady looked at me with her eyes wide open."Are you  really sure you want to order that. Not even our chef can handle a single bite of this wrap and he has a strong tongue. Are you positive you really want to have this meal." She sounded all sincere and caring but very persuasive at the same time. Niall looked at me with his jawed dropped down to his collar bone. Everyone else just stared at me with blank faces and wide eyes.

"I don't want you eating this Rose." Harry said."It's my choice so I will eat it." Everyone just looked at me blankly until our meals came. As the food came in bit by bit, I was still waiting on my wrap. Everyone else was digging into their food and still there was a strange sense in the air from the past conversation.

Finally my wrap had come. They had to wrap it in two rolls because the sauce was so hot it was putting holes in the other one. Rebecca put it down carefully and patted my on the back with a worried look on her face. The boys and Sophie all looked up from their meals and placed them on their plates but Niall having food as his girlfriend continued eating, he looked like a judge from master chef or my kitchen rule (cooking t.v shows in Australia). I grabbed the wrap by both hands and brought it up to my mouth. I could feel the sauce burning into the bread as I took my first bite. 

My tongue exploded, I screamed because of the heat. Harry grabbed a napkin so I could spit the food out but that didn't help at all. My tongue felt like it was attacked by a barrel of flaming balls. Sophie ran to get the jug of water but she din't bring back a cup. Sophie held the jug in front of me and I snatched it out of her hands not noticing the crowd that was forming around our table.

Rebecca was standing next to me with a stopwatch, counting down the seconds left. While everyone was rushing to help me, I grabbed the wrap and took another bite but all I got was the extra spicy sauce. My tongue felt like a volcano and I couldn't find the napkin so I had to swallow the sauce. My throat was burning like crazy but I couldn't do anything about it.

I heard someone calling the ambulance in the crowd but I couldn't hear exactly who. I looked beside me and saw that Harry was gone but the other boys were there and so was Sophie. They tried to get me more water because I had already finished all of it. There was nothing more I could do.

I heard sirens out on the street and men telling everyone to back away. Rebecca didn't worry about the time now she only cared about her broken nail she got from pressing the stopwatch (first world problems). I closed my eyes in the excruciating pain and a pair of arms grabbed my upper back and behind my knees. I was being lifted up high into the air and then onto a flat surface. I could hear Harry's voice in the bustle of noise. " Will she be ok? Please can you please tell me. I am worried and so are my friends." He sounded like he really cared for me, nothing like the other girls he was with. He said it with a meaning of actual love. I was lifted into a vehicle, interrupting my thoughts. Door slammed shut behind me and a mask was being put on my face as we drove off. My eyes felt heavier than before and I drifted off to sleep.

I saw white...


Thanks guys for waiting so long for this chapter. I was sooo caught up in homework and study that I didn't have the time to but we will definitely get on top of it. Anyway I thought we should let you know what MAA is. Maa is our group name. Madi, Anna and Annabelle. We are writing this book together so it may be a bit different at times but I hope that shouldn't confuse you so much. Maa xxx



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