Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


11. why does it happen to me!?

I could feel goosebumps popping up all over my body. The feeling that floated between us was unbelievable. I didn't want it to go away. Harry took a couple of steps towards me until he was towering over me. He knelt down a little bit so he was almost at my eye level but it still felt like he was towering over me.He leant in and so did I, almost in sync.

Our lips crashed together, it was the best feeling yet and I didn't want it to end. Never ever ever. It continued for what felt like forever but it soon ended when we heard the door slam open with a blonde headed boy standing in between the doorframe, aghast

"What the hell are you doing!!!" Niall yelled. Harry and I split apart and stood in awkward positions trying to rub off the mark of this kiss as fast as we could but Niall still stood there with an angry face

"I trusted you. We had only just began and now you have obviously got feelings for this jerk so just do what ever but don't come rushing back to me when you've had enough."

"I'm sorry Niall. I-I" I started to walk towards him but with each step I took closer to him he took one further away.

"NO. Just, don't come near me anymore. Ok." Niall said with tears forming in his eyes.

"Niall!! You have to know something. I only dated you because I didn't know who to choose out of you and Harry, ok. I chose you because I knew the way you looked at me and the reason why you punched Harry that first night on the beach and I couldn't say no to you because I know how much you love me. But I had feelings for Harry. The way he touched me and kissed me felt like I never wanted it to end or for him to let go of me. With you I felt normal but I felt guilty at the same time because I wasn't with the one I truly love, which is Harry."

Niall broke out in tears and ran down the stairs and gone outside because the next thing I heard was the slam of the door shutting and feet running along the path. Harry walked up behind me and wrapped his long arms around my waist and spun e around so we were face to face.

"What you did just then was amazing. I mean not for Niall because he just lost the love of his life but what you did about me. I mean, standing up for yourself because you love me and told Niall that he wasn't the one. It was kinda cute."

"Oh shut up Harry" I slapped him on the arm but it didn't hurt.

We walked out of the room laughing at jokes and funny encounters we had in the last couple of days. I told Harry about seeing him walk into the jewellery store and buy the necklace he gave me. And how I thought that he was seeing another girl and that's who he bought it for and I felt like I had to go with Niall now but now I don't because I'm with him now and Niall hates my guts so he won't be coming near me for a while

"Hey guys I saw Niall run outside crying. What happened up there." Louis asked 

"He saw me kissing Harry and threw a big tantrum because we were together and I just, kind of... cheated on him in a way."

"I think it was kinda my fault" Harry's deep voice vibrated in my ear.

"Well, whatever happens you better fix it because we don't want last time to happen all over again." Louis said with a serious tone in his voice.




"You are my world Rebecca and I won't let anyone get to you (especially Harry)"

"I know Niall, you have told me before and it's really getting annoying."

"I know I've said it a lot but I just want you to know that it's true, all of it."

"I know but it's just getting really annoying and Harry would- I mean you wouldn't usually say that"

Rebecca walked out of the kitchen and headed up the stairs entering her room with the door slamming shut behind her. I couldn't keep letting her slam the door between our relationship when I always say how much I care for her. I decided to go up after her so we can fix this together.

I walked up the stairs to the front of her door. I put my ear to the wood that replaced the space between me and Rebecca and listened in to what was happening on the other side. I heard grunts coming from a girl and some from a voice that sounded a lot like Harry's and the sound of kisses. I heard a rip and that's when I barged in. I didn't bother knocking because I knew exactly what was happening. 

Rebecca was lying on her bed with Harry on top of her but still fully clothed but Rebecca had her hands on Harry's zipper and Harry's hands were at the bottom of her shirt, luckily I walked in now and not in another 30 seconds because this could of turned into a whole new thing. They both looked like they had been frozen in time because they were lying there like statues until Rebecca broke and came towards me.

"Look Niall, It's not what you se-"

"No. It is exactly what I see. You with my best friend?! I thought you loved me."

"I do... I mean, I don't know. I don't know anymore Niall because your just saying how much you love me but not showing it. If you really loved me then we would have been doing the same thing downstairs. Instead of you only touching my face and do you know how many kisses you have given my since we've been together Niall. Do you. It's 3 ok. You just wanted to make Harry jealous so you didn't do anything to me."

"No Rebecca it wasn't to make Harry Jeal-" Why does she keep cutting me off like this??

"I could hear you under you say you won't let Harry touch me under your breathe Niall. I am not as dumb as you think I am, Ok. Earlier today Harry texted me to come to my room when you keep saying that you love me so I did and he has been showing me love and that's what I want. It was my choice to go for him instead of you."

My heart was broken. I couldn't look at Rebecca anymore. I thought she was truly, madly ,deeply in love with me but she has hated me this whole time. 


                                                           ***END FLASHBACK***


"that's what happened last time but he was gone for 1 month. We eventually found him at his mum's house back in Dublin. And yes we had the effort to go find him again only because he is our friend and band mate." Harry said. His eyes looked sympathetic for Niall but his voice sounded like he didn't even care about what happened.

"Well, if we go now, gather everyone up and go on a wild goose chase then we might be able to find him."

I looked at Louise then Harry and they both nodded grabbing their phones out of their pockets to call the rest of the boys over for code green. Lost Niall




Hey guys it's Annabelle here. Sorry this chapter took so long, i was busy with school stuff but the next chapters will be better. I hope you guys are enjoying the book so far and keep reading on to find out what happens next.. Does Niall go back to Dublin or is he lost from their world? Comment what u think. xxxx













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