Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


4. The Party

I dashed inside my temporary home, closing the door loudly and sinking to the floor. I felt my dimples forming against my wide grin and chuckled as the tears rolled down my face. I looked around and felt a surreal sense of excitement. I couldn’t believe it. I’d met One Direction. I held a sweaty hand up to my face and emitted a muffled squeal. I galloped around the house, singing what could only be described as a strangled, desperate cry for help in the form of ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’


“Soph! Soph! Open up! I just met them!” I continuously bashed against the door of Sophie’s bedroom and heard shuffling and the sound of frantic stumbling. Sophie opened the door in her green pyjamas and a head full of knotted, curly hair and I recalled my unbelievable story to her, watching her eyes grow in anticipation and wonder as I squealed each word.


“Did you meet Harry? What did he say? Where are they?” She gushed all these questions out and we were both squealing and jumping up and down. I raced into Sophie’s room and rifled through her draws, choosing only the nicest of outfits for our next encounter (Sophie always had better clothes than me. Plus, she’d even bought me a new dress.) And reminded her of how much I hated Harry.


Ten minutes later, when I was applying a second coat of mascara and scolding his latest scandal, Sophie placed a finger on my lips and we both giggled. She grabbed my hand and we both raced out to the front porch. Just as I was about to leap across the sand, Sophie grabbed my wrist and I hesitantly turned around, confusion engraving itself on my features, as Sophie looked me straight in the eye and sighed loudly. I continued with my questioning look when Sophie started to talk.


“Rose. Please, just for this one night, don’t be mean to Harry. This may never happen again, and I don’t mind listening to your complaints, but they could hate us forever. So please. For me.” she glared as I opened my mouth to protest. I quickly shut it tight with that icy look and she again sighed.


“Do this for me.”


“But Harry-“




“Sophie I-“


Please, Rose!” She retaliated and I scowled at her. I traced patterns into the sand and stared at my blue, plain cocktail dress and shiny, 3-inch white pumps.


I mumbled a quick reply. I could feel her eyes lighting up in a mischievous manner and she slightly loosened her grip on my wrist. I looked up at her in her hot pink high waisted shorts, blue crop top and silver boots, and felt myself grin as she quirked an eyebrow. One action of hers I envied vigorously.


“What was that?”


“I said OK!” I playfully snapped, and she stifled a chuckle. She looped her arm through mine, and we skipped, somehow, in the white sand over to the temporary home of One Direction, giggling all the way.




Sophie’s greeting was hysterical to watch. I mean, I was still a little flustered but Sophie, she was star struck! I tried my very best but failed to hold in my fits of laughter when Zayn, seizing the opportunity, kissed Sophie’s hand. The reaction was priceless and soon all but a stunned and dazed Sophie were almost on the floor, collapsing in laughter.


After 3 hours (or more, we lost track of time), Night had fallen, and we’d all decided to turn up the music and start wildly dancing. We were all having fun until a slow, peaceful melody flooded through the house. I blushed as Niall grabbed my hand. I looked away in response but he continued smiling and chivalrously led me out onto the deck, his palm resting at the small of my waist. I turned back and mouthed ‘Oh my GOD!’ at Sophie as she walked out with Harry, slightly more excitedly than Niall and I.


I winked at Sophie and out of the corner of my eye saw Harry looking up and down my irresistibly gorgeous body. I turned around in disgust and thought I heard a light chuckle from behind me. Niall gave me a reassuring squeeze and held my right palm and soon, thanks to my 2 years of ballroom dancing and Niall’s dance lessons for the tour, we were gliding effortlessly around the deck, staring deeply into each other’s eyes. I rested my forehead against his and breathed in his scent. I could smell his citrus shampoo and his earthy musk and I grinned a sheepish grin. He leaned in close and just before our lips met, we heard a roar from inside the house.


We both darted our gaze towards the others, who were all swapping dance partners and stumbling around the deck. Niall and I chuckled and walked over to join them, stealing glances at each other through our eyelashes. The others started whistling and cheering, and we laughed. But I noticed Harry wasn’t laughing. Or even happy. He was just… staring. What a creep I thought and turned to Zayn as he lunged for me, leaving me to burst into a fit of hysterics and we danced clumsily around the house.


I had waltzed with almost everyone, and when Sophie and I were grasping our sides for air, Harry stepped in and effortlessly grabbed me by the waist. I snuck in a glance at a suddenly gobsmacked Sophie. Harry spun me around seamlessly as I gasped. He proceeded with his complex torture and pulled me close to him so that my movement was restricted and he had allowed himself full access to the right side of me. He nuzzled into my neck and I sucked in as much air as I could. Harry traced circles around the back of my palm, and I shivered lightly. I looked up in case anyone had noticed, but everyone else was too busy dancing and laughing. But Sophie, the little devil, gave me a thumbs up and a wink.


“May I have the honor of a dance with you, ma’am?” Harry cooed into my ear and the hairs on the back of my neck raised in anticipation. Wait, anticipation? More like fear. Harry was a horrible person. Anticipation? Death would be my only anticipation! I couldn’t have feelings for-


“Yes.” I stuttered as he caressed my cheek, leaving a trail of goose bumps in his wake. He chuckled and, seeing that the others started to look our way, casually led me to the dance floor.


Rose! You stupid, pathetic, horrible person! He’s a womanizer! His gross hands…. His green eyes, his soft, tender lips…I groaned and Harry raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at me. I almost melted in the spot… From disgust… And I shook my head, waving the subject away.


I decided that if I couldn't verbally complain, I would physically complain.I held my head high and surprised him when I dragged him across me so that his right hand was on my hip and his other entwined with mine. He regained his balance and smirked at me, pulling me closer to him. I immediately regretted this as he spun me around into a dizzying circle. He winked and I frowned.I looked down at his feet, and slowly judged his next move.


Left, right, left, left... I saw my moment and jumped onto his foot, screwing my heel into his toe, and I watched him flinch, and leap back, grasping his toe in agony. The others noticed his strangled replies, pieced the picture together, and burst out laughing. I stifled a grin and put my most innocent face on. 


"Ow! What the..." Harry groaned, looking at me. I blinked politely and held my hands clasped in front of me. 


"Sorry, Harry? It seems that you have two left feet. Let's try that again." I pulled him into position once again. We started to dance, and I began to watch Harry's steps again. I waited for my chance and struck again, but this time, Harry leaped back and attacked my white shoe. I groaned but laughed and rebounded with a samurai-worthy kick. We continued our foot attack, laughing wildly and shrieking with the others until I felt my balance shift, and the next thing I knew, I was falling. I gasped as a pair of bulky arms lifted me from my awkward crouch.


I gazed up at Harry, his fingers digging into my armpits as he lifted me to a standing position. We stayed silent as he lifted me to his eye level. My eyes traced his features and stared hungrily at his lips. The others started to yell and before I could react, a fist flew out in front of me and pounded into the side of Harry's face. I screamed as Liam stood behind Niall, Zayn dragging him back and Louis helping Harry up. I screamed and cussed at Niall, and he stopped fuming at Harry and turned to me.


"He would've broken your heart if you kissed him!"Niall spat, pointing at a shocked Harry, wiping the blood off his lip. Niall continued glaring at him whilst spitting insults and curse words at him.


"Niall. Easy, buddy. Tell me what happened." I consoled him, stroking his hair and watching his features relax into the usual place. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and directed his eyes toward me. I saw him study me cautiously as he opened his mouth in silent defeat, forming a carefully planned sentence in the back of his throat. 


"There was a girl. Katie. The same thing that almost happened tonight had happened to her, only she was madly in love with Harry." He began to stare at Harry and almost yelled his next few sentences.


"She stayed with him for a week, and one thing led to another, and he broke her heart. She never talked to us again. I stood by that week and did nothing."


"Yeah, but why'd you punch him?" Sophie yelled out, placing an ice pack to Harry's face as he shrugged it away, wiping the blood off his lip. 


Niall turned to me, a half-hearted smile playing on his lips. My eyes widened as he blushed and I searched my minds for words. I mustered a bewildered smile, and I held his gaze for several more moments until I turned to Harry, and I stood upright and squared my shoulders, feeling slightly vulnerable. 


He seemed to feel my stare, and turned directly at me, a strange glint in his eyes. If I had to guess, I would say that he was... in awe of my consoling, and... Love?... But he couldn't possibly, could he?


"Harry, is what Niall said true?"


He lost that admiration in his eyes and looked down at the floor, letting his hair flop over his forehead. I stared in shock and blinked away a tear as I repeated the question. Again, no reply.


"Harry!" I yelled. I stormed out of the house, hearing the others call after me. I took off my heels and ran, my feet pounding against the sand. How could I be so stupid? I let the tears slide as I wrapped my arms around myself to guard my heart from the oncoming wave of shame and regret.


I heard running behind me and I jerked my head around as a clammy, shaking hand grabbed my arm. I rolled my eyes and stared at the figure in front of me.








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