Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


8. The Kiss

What. This can't be happening. Not to me anyway! I hate Harry styles. He is a man-whore who only thinks of himself and cheats on his girlfriend. AKA KENDELL FRICKING JENNER almost everyday. Urgh I hate him so much.... But then again those cute little messed up curls and dimples are so cute. And not to mention the eyes. Oh the eyes..... Stop it rose you are such an idiot.


"Sophie, you know this can't be true. I do not! Let me rephrase that. DO NOT! Think of Harry Styles in that way. He cheats on kendell almost every weekend. Do you seriously think I would ever go out with a liar and cheater. Plus I don't think Harry is the right guy for me."


"You can't be sure Rose." She paused for a brief moment. "Magazines alway. Let me! Rephrase that. ALWAYS! End up right!" She said. I was starting to get frustrated at her to actually think that could happen. Me and Harry. That is weird. Plus I don't think he likes me like that. If he did... I didn't like him back.




Sophie knocked on a door that I didn't recognise and Harry opened up. Okay this is weird. Where are we. Why are we here?


"Hey Sophie. Oh hey Rose!" He hugged me and it just felt awkward. When we were hugging he whispered in my ear " you know the magazine was right. But that will never happen unless you want it too." I felt a shiver down my back and my heart was beating faster than ever. My face was also like a tomato. He looked so hot in his outfit and his dimples formed when he saw me. He was so cute. But I can't love him. Not after what happened anyway....




It was late one night and Harry was sitting with me on the porch overlooking the beach. The stars shining brightly just like mine and Harry's eyes. He looked so cute in his pyjamas. I was wearing my pyjamas too. We were talking and laughing about stupid things that didn't even exist.When this girl walked past and instantly recognised Harry. She was coming closer and started trying to get his attention. I pointed at her and Harry looked. He sighed and looked back at me. I looked closer and it was kendell Jenner. I waved at her and she came and sat next to Harry.

"Harry why haven't you answered my calls. I have been waiting for you." "Sorry" was all he said. "I love you. You know that Harry" she leant in to give him a kiss and he just looked at his face. " I don't love you" he said. "What!" She was as shocked as hell. " I'm in love with someone else" he moved away from her and just looked at his hands. Kendell looked at him sad and angry. Her eyes filled with hurt and anger raged through them. She started crying and then got up and ran away down to the pier at the end of the beach. As she walked away I looked at Harry and he looked at me. All of a sudden he leaned in and I felt my head move towards.


Our lips touched and I felt like fireworks were exploding inside of me and that no one could ruin this moment. Our lips fit perfectly and they moulded together like chocolate and a persons mouth. Our lips parted and I was yearning for more.


End of flashback


Sophie went straight to Zayn and sat by him. They kissed. This is just weird. I went over to Louis and sat next to him. " this is weird!" I said holding back chuckles. " it happened while you were in hospital. " was his reply.


" really Louis! Do you think I'm an idiot or something. I figured that out by myself! Argh" I sighed. I got up and walked away. I heard him mumble something like " it was just a joke" or something. But I wasn't paying enough attention to know exactly what he was saying.


They were having a conversation and I heard my name dropped a couple of times, but I was finding food to eat so I was more focused on that. I was rummaging through the pantry when I felt a pair of muscly arms wrap around my waist. I turned to meet Harry.


"Rose what's wrong? You were so fun and now your all uptight and no more fun."

"Things happened that I want to change and if that means I'm uptight then so be it!" I screamed at him.

"Rose you were so fun. What happened to that girl that I became great friends with and then lost after a stupid hot chicken at Nandos?"

"It was not stupid!" I yelled. I heard him mumble

"well your not the girl I fell in love with anymore" he walked away and didn't bother me anymore.




I was about to go to sleep when I heard a knock on the door. Who could it be. Please be Harry? "It's open." I yelled. Niall walked in.


"Are you okay. Harry said you had a go at him and something about you not being the girl he fell in love with or something" Harry liked me. Actually loved me. OMFG! Harry styles has a crush on me. ROSE FRICKING LODAKISS. OMFG!


" yeah I'm fine!" He looked at me and sat down next to me on my bright blue/ orange bed. He looked at me sad and sincere.


" I love you rose"


Before I knew his lips were crashed onto mine.


Hey guys it's Annabelle here. Please let all of us know what you think of the book so far and give a guess on what might happen next. that sounds really cheesy but anyways. sorry for not updating for a while, it was our school holidays and i went on a holiday with no WIFI.  love yas.


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