Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


12. Niall's Pursuit

I held Liam's phone in my clammy hands, My eyes searching the streets for the blonde haired runaway that had turned my heart into a lethally delectable maze, each twist and turn more exhilarating than the last. I rested on the plush leather chair, curled up on the bony lap of a post-meltdown Louis in the backseat of the car. As Liam drove, it became increasingly clear that he was beyond fatigued. His eyes were red and bloodshot, and his hands were littered with pulsing blue veins that the overlying street lamps were successfully highlighting on their eerie glimmer throughout the city of L.A.


"Liam, are you sure neither of us can drive for you?" Louis asked as I called the boy's manager. I had been assigned this daunting task, as each of the boys claimed that they had yellow cards, and that I was a 'people person'. I reluctantly agreed, and I found myself lost in the tedious ringing of the unanswered phone as we drove around the small town, wondering where the hell Niall could've gone in the 4 hours he's been missing.


"No guys, it's fine. Really. Me and Danielle have driven in worse." Liam's eyes lit up as her name lingered in the empty air, and I felt a strange, gravitating pull of longing from the depths of my soul. Louis started stroking my hair in a reassuring manner and I smiled up at him from my slightly awkward position. "In fact, there was this one time..."


A smile traced it's way unwillingly onto my lips, as I dove into the life of the love affair of Danielle Peazer and Liam Payne. I hated to admit it, but as Liam laughed about the perfect way Danielle would be Danielle, I became increasingly jealous. Love for Liam seemed so simple. Why couldn't I have a love like that? Where I was certain about who I wanted to be with, and there was not one hiccup along the way.


"Shut up! He's on!" I yelled suddenly, when the continual ringing was replaced with the rustling of work and the grumbles of a stereotypically grumpy old man. Liam did a double take, whilst somehow keeping perfect control of the wheel, and Louis held his breath in either anticipation or politeness. I decided to put the phone on speaker, and a bead of sweat began forming on the nape of my neck. It was quite confronting to actually think I was calling the manager of the biggest boy-band in history.


"Hello, Liam." I heard a husky voice murmur nonchalantly, and I gulped nervously, not knowing how to tell the most imposing figure I would ever meet that an international superstar was missing. Honestly, how could Niall do this to us? I kissed Harry, because I was confused, and tired (No, exhausted. All because SOMEONE decided they would rather proclaim their love to me instead of leaving me to divulge into a certain luxury of mine called sleeping) and I didn't know what I wanted. I'm split between Niall's 'Tunnel of Love' and Harry's 'Windmill o' Death'. Even after Niall left, I had gained back some of my reasoning and dignity. Which is why I ended up with Louis and Liam, and why Harry, Sophie and Zayn were carpooling.


"Uhh...Hi there. Liam's d-driving at the moment. We have something very important to tell y-you..." I stammered, wincing as I heard a boiling silence from the other end of the line.


"What is it, then?"


"S-s-sir, well... I-I can't really explain what-"


"Stop stammering and spit it out!" He yelled into the microphone, and I yelped as the boys exchanged a grave look through the rearview mirror. Sweat was dripping off Liam's forehead and Louis was gripping the roots of my hair to the point that his knuckles were turning a ghostly white. I pried Louis' hands off of my distinctly intertwined locks as I sat up and took a deep breath.


I told the man as much as I could, leaving out the parts where I could practically see him flinching the second I even approached the difficult topic. He was a good listener, I thought, and I was pleasantly surprised when he seemed to understand what I meant when I talked about my forgiveness and unwillingness to get myself tangled up in this whole kerfuffle. Liam and Louis gave me a thumbs up when the man started laughing at one of my pessimistic comments about young love.


"Ok. I get where you're coming from in a way. The boys seem to like you, and you seem to like them. I shouldn't really interfere with that. Thank you again Miss..."


"Rose. Just... Just Rose." I smiled into the phone, and Louis and Liam raised an eyebrow at my suddenly insecure demeanour. I frowned at them, and they both looked away sheepishly, the highway outside suddenly becoming fascinating beyond belief.


"Ok then, Just Rose, I'm Paul. I hope to be hearing from you in future. I like you, and I think you might just be able to keep the boys in check."


"Not if my looks have anything to do with it, Paul!" We laughed and the boys both stifled back a smirk. Sometimes, they were more alike than they thought. I hung up shortly after that and the boys turned to look straight at me (Liam looked at me through the rearview mirror, however). Curiosity burned bright throughout the car and I sighed in annoyance.


"I hate my last name, OK? Just... Stop it." The boys didn't, though, and their eyes bore into me like humiliation-seeking drills. I knew what they wanted, and I wouldn't allow them the luxury of knowledge. But, before I could open my mouth, Louis had snatched my purse out from my hand.


"Don't you dare check my driver's license, Tommo!" I screeched, and Liam rolled his eyes with mock exasperation as I lunged on top of Louis, a frenzy of arms and legs as I grasped the air for my purse in his grubby little clutches. He fished out my driver's license and placed a warm finger on my lips, as I struggled against him in desperation.


"Your full name is Rose... Smith?" I pulled my knees up to my chest and hid in between my thighs, moaning apologies and explanations into my tracksuit pants. The boys sighed and Louis managed to pull my head out so that I was facing him. his lips pulled up into a smirk as he pinched my cheeks. 


"Rose, babe, we can't hear a word you saying." I sighed and sat cross-legged, staring out the window, a remorseful atmosphere lingering throughout the backseat of the car. 


"I'm sorry, guys. I hate my last name because... Well... It makes me feel gross, and uncomfortable. I mean, Smith? It's so... Ordinary. It turns me into a nothing, and that makes me feel... not infinite." I stared out the window, and Louis grabbed my hand and squeezed it lightly. I brushed the hair out of my eyes and turned to the rear-view mirror, only to find a nonchalant Liam winking back at me.


"You mean to say, you feel finite?"


"Shut up, Louis." and I made sure he would feel sore tomorrow with a startled yelp as my elbow made contact with his crotch. Liam gasped and chastised me shortly after, but that didn't wipe the grin off my face.


"Niall!" Liam slammed the breaks and we all snapped our heads to the dark alleyway next to us. Liam was right, a blonde tuft of hair was poking out from Niall's signature hoodie and the glow from his phone made his piercing blue eyes even more evident. I jumped out of the car, seeing no-one but Niall. In fact, this hold that he had on me was so strong that I barely noticed the boys calling out after me. 


Niall lifted his head, squatting in this dark alleyway alone and vulnerable. I walked faster, my heels clicking through the abundance of silence. He stood up, and I was close enough to grab his face and smash my lips against his. He stopped for a moment, but immediately responded with an equal amount of passion. I didn't realise we'd been crying until Niall shushed me with a shaky voice, and stone cold hands.


"Niall, you had me worried sick! I even came this close to calling the police! You could have been dead, Niall. How could you... I missed you. You were my rock, in all this crazy madness." he gently caressed my cheek with his thumb, and he guided me over to his spot on the grimy alleyway.


"Rose, what happened after I left?" he asked, those spiralling blue orbs of his digging through my face, in search of any giveaways about how the others acted. I looked at him quizzically, and he looked to the floor guiltily.


"I just... Are you and Harry...?"


"Oh god no!" I gasped, horror slicing through the pleasant atmosphere of relief and regret. Niall laughed half-heartedly, but gestured for me to go on. I pondered for a moment, deciding whether this would benefit him, or disadvantage the others. Then I decided, Niall was the one who suffered the most here, so doesn't Niall deserve some insight on how everyone feels?


"Ok. It sorta went a little something like this..."




"Code green boys. Niall's gone missing. Meet us here ASAP!" Liam murmured into the phone. I shook my head, the full effect of my actions sinking in. Most girls stay in a relationship at least two weeks before they even think about looking at another guy. And here I was, post make-out session with my boyfriend's best mate.


"Rose, it'll be ok. I promise. Just... We'll stick together." Harry smiled down at me, resting his hand on the small of my back. I shrugged it off, my arms folding protectively in front of my chest. Harry frowned at me, but placed his hand back where it had been.


"Harry, this isn't about us, this is about Niall. The best thing we can do is stay as far away from each other as possible." I replied, turning to face Liam completely. Harry grunted, and left for a few minutes. I continued to chat with Liam about what was going on, and who was going with who in what car. 


Harry returned, and as he walked toward me and Liam, he seemed... Different. his walk was now a strut, and his face was fixed into a goofy grin. I looked him up and down, and realised he must just be tired. After all, only tired people look like they might fall over any minute, right?


"Rose, I'm glad that happened in there," He started, still pressing his hand just in the dimples on my back at the bottom of my spine. "I think that we'd be really good together. Like, as a couple. I mean, the way that we just... exist together. It's this electric feeling that I get whenever your near me. You know I have feelings for you Rose..." The doorbell rang and I stood still, wondering what to say to the others. Harry stayed where he was, with his hip now pressing against mine, and his hand gliding across my lower back, getting lower and lower until his hand was on my-


"HARRY!" I barked, storming out of the room. Liam was opening the doors to let the others in, and his eyes asked me if I was ok. I shook my head and he frowned at Harry, opening his mouth to say something. Harry cut him of, shaking his head as I slammed my boots against the wooden stairs, anger swelling up inside of me. Harry reached for my hand and I grabbed his wrist, dragging him into my temporary room. I slammed the door, taking a moment to gather my thoughts as his eyes bore into my back. This was not the time to check me out, and I needed to prove it to him.


"Really, Harry? What the hell was that? You were groping me! After what we did to Niall? How could you! You're his best mate, I just... Ugh!" I bulldozed my way to Harry, pushing him against the wall on the far end of the room, our noses touching and my face set into a stone-cold glare. Harry kept that goddamn smirk plastered on his features, and somehow managed to gesture to our proximity.


"Exactly. But I think we can all agree that you just can't get your hands off of me-"


"Harry, what is wrong with you? Pull your shit together! Niall's-"


"Oh Boohoo, All you do is talk about Niall! 'Niall always does this' and 'why is Niall doing that to me'. It gets so frustrating listening to you whine all day!" I flinched as he spat his words out at me, his eyes bloodshot and distant, and that vein, pulsing out of his neck.  Oh yeah, he was seriously angry. "And he's just wining so much, don't you just wanna get back at him? let loose?"


"Harry, I know your emotionally frustrated, but-"


"Not just emotionally, baby..." He tried to thrust his pelvis against mine and I jumped back, anger pulsing through me and sweat dripping off of my forehead. Harry looked hurt, but only the same level of hurt equal to someone taking away his favourite toy, and he tried to grab me again, this time more forcefully. I turned to look right at him, and that's when the faint smell of alcohol rolled out with his breath.


"Harry, how much did you have to drink?" I scowled, and he laughed as I backed up against the wall. I felt... Scared. This wasn't the Harry I knew. When did he get that alcohol? I shrugged it off, remembering some backhanded comment Niall had made about Harry drinking his problems away.


"3 shots of vodka, that's all. But, now that I've finally won you over..."


"Won me over? What, do you mean? It's not like you and Niall were competing or anything-" I froze, and that's when realisation kicked in. Oh my god, he thinks this is all a game. I knew this was going to happen! Where did the carefree, happy-go-lucky flirt go? That Rose would've flicked her hair over her shoulder and laughed it off. So who is this hopeless romantic standing in my shoes? I stopped glaring for half a second, and a tear gathered in my eye. 


"No," I said, taking a steady breath. "Why should I cry? I never really expected anything different. You just wanted a good shag, right Harry? This was all a game, and Niall 'lost'. How could I be so stupid? To think the infamous Harry Styles would change for little old me." I placed my hand over my heart, both exaggerating my presence and stopping my feelings from spilling out across the clean white carpet. I managed to laugh mechanically right in the face of an apologetic Harry, with his hand in his pockets and his eyes to the floor. Thank god he had the decency to look sorry after what he had done to everyone!


Harry faltered for a moment, before looking me dead in the eye. I frowned at him and turned on my heels, my ponytail bobbing as I sauntered over to the door. Placing a slender hand on the black doorknob, I turned to look at Harry for one last time. He met my gaze, and it looked like he might have sobered up just enough to let the vulnerable side of him peek through those long lashes of his.


"Rose, I think I'm in love with you."


"Yeah? Well, this certainly isn't love to me, Styles." I scoffed, leaving the room and slamming the door behind me, without even a glance back.




I looked up at Niall, and he pulled my face closer to his, placing a feather-like kiss on my lips. I loved the way he could just wrap me up in this beautiful warmth he had. I opened my mouth slightly, granting him entrance to graze his tongue along mine. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, sinking into him and running my fingers through his messy, blonde hair. 


Beep! Nail and I jumped as the boys yelled at us, their headlights only increasing the redness in our cheeks. I grinned at them, shielding my eyes from the car's bright rays, and I winked at Niall, and in sync, we kissed each other dramatically, our puckered lips smooching with equal enthusiasm. Eventually, Niall helped me up and I wrapped my hands around his bicep as he guided me toward the car.


"PG-13, please! I don't want to be Daddy Direction for your lovechild."


"Well then, you're not invited to our wedding!" I retorted, earning a cackle from Louis and a thigh slap from Niall. I felt Niall's arms wrap around my shoulders, and I leant into him, wanting all my problems to disappear so that my life would be easy. 


"Well, now that Harry knows you're mine, he'll have to keep his hands off of you." Niall's hot breath ran along my neck, and I kissed him on the cheek, but all I could think about was Niall saying 'Now that you're mine'. Was I just a possession to him too? Was everyone just playing with my head?


"Niall, tomorrow we're going clubbing. All of us. I need a proper vacation."


Hi guys! It's An12na here! Keep reading to find out what going to happen when everyone goes clubbing! We learnt Rose's last name, Smith, which I like to think represents her previous situation metaphorically. Anyways, all of you Riall shippers got a little bit of action tonight :)! But not so much for you Rorry shippers. I'm so bad at these names, but comment and we'll see you all next time!





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