Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


5. Love is in the air. Maybe?


The figure moved closer to me and his emerald eyes gave away exactly who it was.

"It is true." He said. I turned and started to walk away as my arm slipped out of his grip. I heard him start walking so I ran, but before I knew it he was right in front of me with his hot breath on my face.

"Let me explain" I nodded. " I liked her. I really did but I broke up with her because I saw the way Niall looked at her and how much he fancied her. So I thought maybe if I break up with her maybe Niall will get her, which I thought would happen. But Katie never came back. " He let out a huge sigh of relief that he had that off his chest.

"But Niall didn't see it that way did he?" He shook his head. I pulled him into a big hug and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed. Ow he's so cute, I just love everything about him. He's so considerate... Rose!! Snap out of it he will just find someone better and ditch you, just like he did with Kendall.

My inner conscience was right for once, I can't let him play me and toy with my feelings. It's not right. We were on our way back to the party when Harry tried to grab my hand. He successfully got it but my hand started to sweat up so I quickly jerked it away. He looked at me confused.

I started to laugh and slowly his dimples started to form and boy they were cute. We walked along the beach leaving footprints for the clear blue water to wash off as we walk further a away from them. We laughed for a little longer till I fell over.

"Are you ok?" He asked continually and I just nodded. "Are you ok?" I asked him actually wondering for some stupidly strange reason.

"I'm okay but I have this pain in head right where Niall punched me. I'm really sorry for trying to kiss you. I see the way Niall looks at you and yet I still fall for you". He quickly blushed and started to run "Catch me if you can" I started to run, but not being a very good runner I had no hope of catching him. But I can still try right? Right?

As I was running I bumped into someone. AKA Niall. "I'm sorry for punching Harry in your dance with him. It's just I kinda Fancy you and he stole Katie away from me. I want you and only you". "That's ok. But before you punch someone make sure that they did something for the right reason" He nodded and gave me a hug.


"Come on let's go!" He yelled. Harry grabbed my arm and dragged me to Nandos. That was Niall's favourite place to eat and we didn't argue. So here we are.

"Thanks for staying with us last night Sophie and Rose. For our way to repay you we are going to buy you Nandos" Harry said.

Last night Sophie stayed with Zayn and I slept on the couch because I didn't want to stay with Harry or Niall.

Hope you guys are enjoying. Sorry since last update was a while ago. Please keep reading. Maa xx

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